infiniteflightrob’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Open on training server :) belfast international OPEN

What you are asking is called an “ATC Tracking” thread. You can read about it in the ATC category guidelines. You have a single thread and edit the title with your location and open/closed. People will fly for you and give you feedback.

So I have to change the title?

Yes, every time you open or close you change the location and if you are open/closed.

  1. Change your titlte to “Infiniteflightrob ATC tracking @ EGAA OPEN”
  2. Post a reply saying “open at EGAA”
  3. do your session
  4. people will reply with feedback
  5. change title to say closed
  6. Next time change the airport in the title
  7. post a message saying "open at KLAX (for example)
  8. people give feedback
  9. repeat

You keep the same thread for all your airports but each time you open you change the title. You can look at some of the other examples in #atc for inspiration.

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So is this live now?

Yes go right ahead.

Just keep this one going. @Thomas_G edited your title for you to get you going.

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Would another airport be more attractive to people 😐

Just give it time. People will show. You may want to try a different time if it doesnt pick up.

This is Air Force 316, just departed EGAA with my TBM. Your ATC controlling is just as expected. Although there was minor mistakes during the pushback. Just have in mind that TBM’s can’t pushback, and the airspace is not busy. 👍

sorry mate, the wrong button was pushed there, I was asking you to hold position as your back door was open and I couldn’t tell you via ATC controls on IF abut thanks man

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Hey there!
Taxi and pushback was good.But there are a few things you can work with

1)When a plane is in a pattern,Clear them when there is only 1 plane and sequence if needed.You don’t have to tell the person to extend downwind,Base(etc)Don’t over control.

2)After clearing the plane,Just clear me for the option.You don’t have to say left traffic as on takeoff,you already requested me to make left,right traffic(etc)

Other than that you have the basic and I suggest you watch videos on how to sequence.

thanks man will do

If anyone’s about again, :)

Still open? I’ll hop on by for a few patterns.

Coming in for a couple loops!

Few things to learn, but you did good.

When I was on right downwind rwy 10, you told me to enter left base, which meant I had to go all the way to the other side of the runway to enter left base.

Since I took off on runway 16, and I changed to runway 10, you should have told me what traffic to make after the option, since I don’t know what traffic to turn, since I changed runways. Keep learning. :)

I will come for a few minutes

That was me getting my left and rights mixed up, I understand where your coming from apologies, and with the changing of runways, yes apologies I thought I may have told you to follow the other traffic which turned right, thanks for coming

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thanks man for coming

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