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Hello All,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Infinite Flight News’ new Official Community Thread. At IFN, we are committed to delivering great quality content, for everyone to enjoy and we will continue for as long as we can.

Please read below for some more information about IFN, and the website can be viewed here.

The Team

Here at IFN, we have a dedicated team of Admins and Editors, all working towards our common goal of creating great Infinite Flight Content.

Senior Staff
@Matt - Co-Owner
@ThomasR - Co-Owner and Website Owner / Developer
@Michael - IFN Founder and Instagram Owner
@pidge - Lead Admin and Graphic Designer
@Boodz_G - Admin

Editors/Other Staff

Unfortunately due to limits in the amount of people we can tag in one post, the editors will not all be tagged but the below names are their community names should you want to take a look at their profile.

@TheInitialVirus - Editor
@oscar_mur - Editor
@Kevin_Potthast - Editor
@PiloteerFrankie - Editor
@Blizzard - Video Editor

Social Media

Twitter - @officialifn
Instagram - @infiniteflightnews

How to Apply

If you wish to apply for the position of Editor, please fill out our application form. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Article Archive

Here’s a list of every article we’ve done for easy access - mainly so you don’t have to spend ages looking through the website.

The MD11/DC10 Update: What to Expect
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Squawk Codes Quiz
KLM “Orange Pride” Confirmed
Qantas Virtual Interview
Guess the Airline
Guess the Plane - Basic and Pro
Global Update: Latest Progress

Thanks, and if you have any questions please ask below! We look forward to seeing many of you, perhaps even writing for us!

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We’re Hiring!

Hey Guys, Pidge here.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that IFN is expanding - in a big way. We’re hiring lots more editors, so we can continue with producing great quality, enjoyable content.

To apply, please fill out this form.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to many more quality articles!


Hello everyone! Our awaited interview with Seb is now up on our website. Here’s a link!


Just submitted my application. Hopefully it’s considered!


Thanks! You should receive a DM shortly 🙂

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Hello! What happened to the IFN (separate to this one; private) Discourse Community? I tried to open it and it would not let me. Also when I Googled it nothing showed. Thanks and have a great day!

Great! Can’t wait to see you in the team!

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Since there was a decline in activity, we shut it down as discourse is expensive and there’s no point in having a forum that nobody uses.

We’re looking at starting it again though, so keep your eyes open for an announcement on the site but this is nothing definite so don’t get too excited!


I just registered in your profile but it says the account is disabled.

Apologies about this - I’ll take a look now for you

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@kronos Can you message me the email you used to sign up so I can identify your account in the user list. Thanks in advance!

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Ask questions for our latest interview with @IFPHGOFFICIAL! | IFN Exclusive: Interview with @Wyn2x | Accepting no more questions.

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Come on guys, this is an opportunity to ask some questions about someone you probably don’t know much about!


Introducing a new segment to IFN, VA Spotlights! This is where I will be choosing VA’s big, small, new and old! We have just published the first VA spotlight showcasing the wonderful South African Airways Virtual. You can read the full interview here!

-IFN Oscar.


just submitted hope I get hired.

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I’ll review your application now for you

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Hello everyone! Go check out our new article here on the MD-11/DC-10 where we look at the new features and perks of the upcoming update. Enjoy!


To anyone who hasn’t seen the inteview we did with Nichalas, here it is!


Our most recent interview with @Luke_Kelly is now available on our website! Here’s the link. Enjoy :)


@Luke_Kelly the main reason of my question was to annoy you by referring the Kilt as a Skirt. Your father was pissed off at me once for that 😂