| IFN Exclusive: Interview with @Wyn2x | Accepting no more questions.


Hello Community!

Infinite Flight News brings to you yet another interview and this time with IFPHG Co-Founder, Infinite Flight Alpha Tester, Winner of the 2017 ‘Loading Screen Screenshot Competition’, Erwin Tejano!

Please submit your questions for Erwin on a message in this thread. We will stop accepting questions this coming Saturday.

Do feel free to check out the official IFN Website.


How did you get the screenshot that won the contest?


How did IFPHG start?

How did you get involved with Infinite Flight?

How do you take such amazing screenshots? 😉

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Keep asking Erwin your questions guys! 80 views and only 4 questions asked. Come on guys!

Being a lesser know yet influential member of the community could you explain a bit what your involvement with the sim is having been made an alpha tester?


Thanks to everyone who asked their questions to @IFPHGOFFICIAL. Let’s hope only to see more questions next time!

When did you discover your passion for aviation?

How did you make IFPHG one of the most successful groups in Infinite Flight?


I’ll take this one as well, then :D

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