InfiniteFlightGeek's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello everybody welcome to my Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control Tracking Thread! :D
My goal isn’t to be part of IFATC I only control for fun but if you see that I have the potential to become a member of IFATC don’t hesitate to tell me that I should join IFATC! Feedback is appreciated! :D




See you in the skies! :D



I will come at some point

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Sure thing! See you there. :D

Btw there is two of me flying, one to Hong Kong, and another there

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Ok got that. :D

Just a NOTAM to everyone flying there.

There are currently runway works going on on the 05R side of the runway, so land a bit further down than usual. This is how it is irl so if you want to be realistic, just do that

Thanks, Cpt_Zorndy

Yeah, active runway is runway 23L but I’ll keep in mind of that, thanks for that. :D

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Ok so just tell people to get off the runway before A3

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My feedback:

  • nice timings for the clearances, apart from the clearer for the option one. From what I have seen you would do it half way through the pattern
  • you told me I was already instructed to change frequency. This is good
  • you gave me the exit rwy command a bit late. I believe for GA it should be about 40-50kts
  • you should have sent me the ‘do not taxi on grass’ command.

Overall, you have potential to become an Atc boi. I was told to clean up the study so that’s why I landed

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Thanks for the feedback! I could not send you a “do not taxi through grass command” because you were on tower frequency and I cannot send that command on tower frequency. Anyways have a wonderful day! :D

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