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Don’t know yet.


Feedback is apprciated. :)
Safe flying, Infinite Flight Geek.


I’ll come and do some pattern work in. a few mins

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Thank you. :D

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I was PANCAKES. There are a few things to note.

  1. You asked me to enter right base when this is unnecessary. I was not issued either a turn final or option clearance so I had to go around.
  2. Clear aircraft for the option as soon as practical. It reduce’s work on your end.
    Otherwise nice. Keep opening and practising and you’ll be there.
    You also might have some trouble because of the location of CYYZ. It’s close to New York so you might have some trolls. Have a good day! I’ll attend as much as possible.
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Thank you, for the feedback. @GreenFire I’ll keep these things in mind :)

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I was Rouge 6896. Only managed to take off before you left so couldn’t test your sequencing etc. Here’s what i saw:

Good things

  • Quick on my clearances
  • Telling me i was already instructed to change frequency (not many people say this)
  • Good use of hold short

Things to work on

  • I never asked for take off so although you were being pro active in clearing me - i didn’t know whether to make left/right traffic as i was remaining in the pattern. So then i had to ask to figure it out.
  • You told me to make left traffic when taking off 33R. Ideally when taking off on R runways you’d make right traffic so you don’t conflict with departing traffic on 33L.

Good start there though, and being very pro active on your commands which will be useful for go around scenarios.


Active right now at KSMF!

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