InfiniteFlightDeck’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Status - CLOSED
Airport - N/A
Server - Training
Frequency -NONE

I don’t mind what people decide to do: patterns, departure/arrival, transitions etc

Let me know if I could improve this thread :) and of course any controlling tips!

Hi there!
If this thread is no longer being used could you change the title to closed!
Thank you!
Happy Flying :D

Hi, I was just controlling at KDAB when you sent that message. That’s why it says that I am open at KDAB. I came here now to close it as I just finished my session. Is that correct? Should I have created a new topic because it was a few days after I started this thread? Once I finished last session I changed it to closed.

No that is absolutely fine! Just when you open send a new message like you just did now saying I am now open at… Because without that people don’t know if you are controlling a new airport or that one! Hope your session went well!
Happy Flying :D

Oh, ok, will do, thank you!

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Now open at LPFR!

Closing LPFR Ground and tower in 30 minutes!

Now closing

Opening now at LMML Malta! 🇲🇹
Very nice scenery here

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I’ll come right now until 10:30amEDT

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Sorry, my internet died. Coming straight back to Malta

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Sorry lol, I have to go. Here’s the feedback…

  • At 14:19, you told me to make left traffic after the option. I was already instructed to make left traffic with the T/O clearance. It isn’t necessary to tell someone to make left traffic again. You only need to clear them for the option. That command would be used when the aircraft hasn’t been instructed to make left/right traffic after the option or the controller wants to change the direction of the aircraft’s pattern. For example, N999SB is in a left traffic pattern on left downwind, runway 05, you can say, “N999SB, cleared for the option, runway 05,” or if you want to change the direction of N999SB’s pattern, you can say, “N999SB, cleared for the option, runway 05, after the option, make right traffic.”

  • At 14:24, you cleared me to land when you should’ve cleared me for the option because I haven’t given my intentions to you yet. If I said, “N999SB is on left base runway 05, full stop,” you then can reply with, “roger,” and if you haven’t already cleared N999SB for the option, you can also say, “N999SB, runway 05, cleared to land.” Although, this was later corrected.

Anyways, these were the only mistakes I saw. Thanks for the service, great job! Have a nice day.


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Thanks for the feedback. Didn’t know that first one. The second was simply pressing the wrong button without noticing, but thank you! It was much appreciated and thank you for flying!

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No problem, this is how you learn. It’s for sure better to make these mistakes now, rather than on your practical! I’m glad you learned something! I’m active on IFC a lot, so I’ll most likely join when you are controlling next time.

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Now closing LMML Malta Ground & Tower. Thank you to everyone who came along!

N380VX here. All in all good ATC. Here are some things I noticed:

  • I intentionally taxiied away from the taxiway and you did not say that ‘this is not a taxiway’. Look at the planes from outside too.

  • A handoff was issued instead of a freq duplication. You must issue the latter when someone asks for a freq change in that situation (taxi to …, contact tower when ready)

  • The clear for the option command was issued too late. It should be issued as soon as you’re comfortable issuing that (usually late xwind/early downwind)

  • Nice catch on the runway change. A pattern entry to my runway wasn’t needed (but since you apologized, I see that you didn’t mean to issue it).


  • Also, when I reported that I will make left dwind, full stop, a landing clearance isn’t necessary. The clearance for the option includes full stop.

Thank you for the service you provided!

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Is that “you were already instructed to change frequency”. Because that’s what I wanted to say but couldn’t find it. I found that button but wasn’t sure what it would say so in a rush sent a frequency handoff.

Thank you for the rest of the feedback too!
Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Ahh I see (and yes it is). Don’t be afraid to see what each button says! I hope you are enjoying you day too.

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Now Open At KSAN 🇺🇸