Infiniteflight vs real flight simulator

Oh yeah the scenery was broken cuz of a bug.
The new airports seemed fine… but just to find occasional crashes… more than in IF for some reason… 💀

There are various factors which defy RFS from infinite flight, i used to play RFS when i was new but when i gave a try to infinte flight, instant love. The physics might not be great but have you seen RFS cockpit? It looks like a joke compare it with IF. Then there’s livery, all the livery are designed by the staff and as for RFS they are just low quality liveries made by people and there same liveries just with different name. I really think IF graphics are better on their highest settings than RFS.

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I can clearly see the the number written on the display in IF whereas RFS it’s just pixelated. Both game lack something or the another but both the companies are trying their best to give a real experience on our mobile/ipad

In addition to everything that everyone has said above, does RFS have such an amazing forums community with amazing moderators and members?

Let me help you with that one - no

I used to play RFS and design liveries for planes back in RFS, and I can say RFS and Infinite Flight differ massively. First, RFS focuses more on quantity, more than quality. They used to push an update every 2 weeks, but I’m not sure now. They would release a new aircraft every 2 updates, with the other update being content/ease of use related. Second, are the Virtual Airline/Organisations. With Infinite Flight, you have trackers such as InfiniteX and liveflight to track your progress, and can see where others are. Wheras, in RFS, you don’t have that and winds are non existent while at cruise and RFS doesn’t contain oceanic tracks. Adding on, a major part of RFS was being able to create liveries that weren’t in the game, so you could create virtual liveries for your virtual airline. In RFS, I have been in many Virtual Airlines/Organizations and none of them have the crew centers/bots for their airlines, which I assume is the lack of access to data from RFS. Finally, one of the main edges that RFS held over Infinite Flight was, 3D airports. But now, it feels like RFS is playing catch up on 3D airports instead of being the leader. In conclusion, I would say Infinite Flight is the better rounded simulator, and would be better if you preferred professionalism, and RFS would be better if you wanted more arcade style gameplay, with no repercussions on overspeed, violations and trolling and such. Getting ATC on RFS’ Expert server is a lot easier, with a requirement of only 10 hours controlling tower, ground, or radar instead of the rigorous training for IFATC.

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I used to play RFS - I think RFS was a great starting point for me. As I got older, and gained more knowledge, I kinda grew out of it if that makes sense. But now that I look at it, IF definitely takes the cake here.

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imo Infinite Flight is already doing the best they can for their given circumstances. The educational value that IF provides us for a mobile simulator is unmatched in my opinion. We literally have access to all available mapped airports around the world with real live weather and procedures to use. I think it gives us plenty enough room to learn to fly on our favourite aircrafts across different scenarios and potential experiences.

In general across current available mobile flight simulators , Infinite Flight to me, sort of sticks out as the most well rounded sim imo, whereby there is a good balance in all aspects of the game as much as possible.

IF tends to take their time with development and want to roll out features that are stable and for the long run in general.

Overall it is a fun semi professional mobile global flight simulator backed by a passionate flying community and talented patient developers. (IMO)

It’s more like RFS focuses on features rather than on realism. Realism would be to have all the features they have, but in a realistic way, and just by looking at everything you can quickly tell that isn’t the case.

Infinite Flight has few, but tbf considerable drawbacks, with this being lights and weather. Especially clouds, rain and lights reflecting on the ground (that were at least partially implemented before) are missing and are the things that truly separate Infinite Flight from being a very good simulator overall. When talking about mobile, IF is the best complete package out there though, in my opinion.

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RFS kinda sucks. come at me rfs fans

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and we should respect that 🙂

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Of course!

just no.
infinite flight is better in graphics and flight mechanics.
rfs is a arcade game, yeah it does have more options on ground for example, but it’s extremely bad made. the trucks and etc spawn from the other side of the airport (and god help who is the way of them).

activate the fuel truck and wait them arrive from another state😃🤙

the clouds are bad made (but rfs users insists that is good)
you know, tbh rfs users force themselves to say that rfs is good
sorry for the goofy ahh english, i’m brazilian

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I hate to be the party pooper here, but…

Not really fair to compare a new screenshot of IF with an old one from RFS. Perhaps comparing, say 2013 IF with that 2019/2020 RFS would be better?

If we could take this to a PC sim comparison, I feel like RFS is aiming toward becoming the MFS2020 for mobile, whereas IF’s goal is to be an X-Plane for mobile. So it really depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for. Stunning graphics and a more casual play? Go for RFS. Realistic aircraft for a better flying experience as well as easily the best multiplayer on any mobile flight sim? IF is the ideal choice.


I mean after this video, I kinda agree with you
RFS is kinda becoming MSFS for mobile where they are aiming for beautiful graphics whereas IF is more like realism

Tbh both sims are great but it depends on what’s ur preference

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Waitttt, that’s RFS?? I had A completely different impression of it,but now that I see it here, it looks quite stunning!

Ouh, I hope we’ve seen the same Video. Some stuff was footage out of MFS and I agree: this was stunning. When we’re talking about RFS: I don’t see any style and harmonized Design. It appears oversaturated and somehow kitschy. Just my personal opinion. IF is taking the lead for me here, even if it lacks stuff like clouds.

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I pick infinite flight, the planes just don’t feel right with me in RFS.

Closing this since it’s kind of strayed off it’s original purpose.
Thanks :)