Infiniteflight vs real flight simulator

Hello everyone, I’ve been a fan and in love with infinite flight for 1 year and a few months and happy to see that it’s developing a lot, congratulations to you.

A few days ago a friend who compared his simulation games (real flight simulator) with mine (infiniteflight) and noticed that there was a big difference

So I did research on YouTube…Google…Twitter etc…concerning infiniteflight vs real flight simulator and found that several people found a lot of things that real flight simulator ah and that infiniteflight does not have and found that the other simulator was much more detailed

I love infiniteflight and I don’t regret anything (I’m not looking for problems or other) but I would have liked to ask the community and the developer what they are able to do to show that infiniteflight can be like real flight simulator with more good thing

Force to infiniteflight

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Infinite Flight for sure is one of the top mobile sims. When it comes to features of RFS and Infinite Flight, yes, RFS has a few more, but they are not as high quality. I’ve tried RFS, and it was pretty disappointing compared to Infinite Flight, honestly.

What does this even mean?


Guess he was referring to April Fools


As in he thought the post was satire.

One is more like an arcade game. The other is doing the most the get as accurate simulation as possible with features that mimics real life behavior as close as possible.

There’s really no point in comparing the two since the roadmaps & goals seems to be quite different.


no it’s not an april fool

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me it goes back a very long time since I played RFS but since those my friend said I watched the videos and yes I saw some disappointing things


Real flight simulators have computers the size of half a room also

I took an example in relation to the graphics of the aircraft and it is true that even the interior and exterior beauty is not the same but unfortunately I saw that the exterior camera system is installed from the on-board screen in the cockpit and its gives ideas for the future

I learned to fly irl before I ever touched a simulator. Then I interrupted irl flying while I concentrated on starting my engineering career.

When I decided to go back to irl flying for a while, I used a desktop simulator of the day to practice skills over and over before getting checked out to resume irl flying.

The instructor doing the checkout, I think, over-complimented me. It was the practice with the simulator that gave me back a particular set of muscle memory skills and situational awareness.

I later dedicated myself to writing the code for my own fully functional fs (I’m not minimizing it: massively challenging, causing me various problems), because I just wasn’t satisfied with the interpretation of flight from the available commercial simulators. Plus I was obsessed with computer generated 3D animation.

So, as a pilot first, and engineer second, and a fs developer third, I truly agree with this (I tried the other one):

There is a big difference in the “fidelity” of how the real world is interpreted.

edit: I just have to add, if it’s not already obvious, I firmly regard IF as the mobile FS of choice for real pilots.


Surely RFS is much better than IF. end of story


I’m not a huge fan of any of the RORTOS products. I haven’t done RFS personally myself, but I can guess how it is based on other RORTOS products such as Extreme Landings and Airline Commander (which I have used in the past). I used to use RORTOS quite frequently before I discovered Infinite Flight. Safe to say I now use IF exclusively.

In my opinion, RORTOS is geared more towards children and develops products which are much more arcade games, like @schyllberg said.

On the flipside, Infinite Flight is 100% developing to become a flight simulator as opposed to a game. Just look at stuff like flight mechanics, aircraft modeling, and graphics.


Infinite Flights a330 Neo model looks WAY better than the RFS one though as the RFS one looks like a cross between a a330 neo and a 767.


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Sarcasm detected lol

He was being sarcastic


It was sarcasm

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I’m confused as to what exactly is happening here…

Um… I have been playing Infinite Flight for like more than a year, and I have also recently started playing RFS as well. Basically both of these simulators are very good, but can be improved in some ways. What I noticed when playing both of them is that Infinite Flight focuses more on detail, RFS focuses more on realism. I think it is pretty safe to say that Infinite Flight graphics are better than RFS, but RFS tends to add more realism to the simulator. It can change the weather from snowing to raining, have many GSE vehicles and pushback trucks, etc. What RFS lacks is details, I have seen that some planes details’ modelled recently in the flight simulator is not consistent: like the cockpit and displays. Infinite Flight, on the other hand, well has GSEs already in 22.4, has a mind-blowing amount of details in their A220s, A330s, 777s, F18s, E175s and much more, which makes the whole player experience more realistic. This is what makes Infinite Flight much more better. What IF lacks now is the weather and night. But Overall, I think IF is already very good, occasionally updating planes for free and adding 3D airports, staff members hosting livestreams, with a very nice community as well.

flag if you think im speaking rubbish :)

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What caused me to leave a very short run with RFS was:

  • finding out that their Hawaii scenery was horrible. Little disks of ‘land’ with airport layouts, surrounded by terrain at real altitudes but textured as ocean. All islands, totally invisible until CFIT.

  • finding out that their customer service consisted of them sending me three consecutive copies of the same form letter asking for details.

Went searching, found IF, never looked back.

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