InfiniteFlight_Shots' ATC TT - [CLOSED] I'M AN IFATC!

Status: Closed
Time: 2021-06-23T20:11:00Z2021-06-23T21:00:00Z

Airport Info:

Runways in use: 12L / 12R
AAL: 22ft
Class: Bravo
Country: Mexico

Comments: Hello everybody! Today, I’ll be controlling for the last time before my ATC practical exam! I’ve finished my specialised training and I would like you to come and fly in my airspace for the last time in training server!

Cause yeah, I’m feeling confident and I think I’ll have no problems in the exam! 👊🏼

I’ll be glad if you come!


Coming in now.

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Thanks for coming! Feedback is appreciated, sorry for the mistakes 😅

Feedback [N420AB]:


  • Would be better to issue pushback with an expected runway, I was at the middle of the airport.


  • CC-NPR should’ve been number 2 following Aeroenlaces, good resequence on me.

  • Good clearance, however, no need to issue “Make right traffic” again, I already know that I’ll do right traffic

  • No need to issue “Contact ground on XXX.XX”, your command “Exit runway” already told the pilot to do so

  • [04:32] Good clearance (kind of), however no sequence, I was following CC-NPR on final, so it’d be “Number 2, traffic to follow is on final”

  • Good resequence on me, on my second pattern.

  • Late exit runway command, in this case you would use “Contact ground on XXX.XX” (but i’d rather not to get used to use it.)

That’s it, it was a strong beginning, I think is just to practice constantly, and to get used to the commands and things that we use on Tower.

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I was EP-HRB. first of all i must say you were doing great. go around, runway change and pattern instructions, exit runway command, send departure between arrivals was great. only one thing: when pilot informs you “full stop” the appropriate response is cleared for the option and therefor if he got his clearance before calling " full stop " there is no need to send clearance command again. only a ROGER will be enough.

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First of all, thanks for coming and for the feedback :)

Feedback Reply

Will change that

Ok, so I think I only have to say “Callsign, Number ##, Runway ##, Cleared for the option” Without telling to make right or left traffic

Ok, I’ll put more attention on the sequence numbers, probably I got confused for a moment. I’ll work on being more concentrated.

Yeah, I wanted to tell the plane “You were already instructed to change frequency”, but I didn’t find the button.

Got it

Yeah, I was concentrated only on the planes in the air, probably reminders will help me with that?

Yeah, I also think it’s just practice. Thx again for coming!

Thank you for the service. I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

  • [04:18z] - Unnecessary on-guard for CC-NPR.
  • [04:18z] - High transition altitude for CC-NPR.
  • [04:23z] - No sequence for Aeroenlaces 9273 causing close call on final.
  • [04:24z] - Late re-sequencing and clearance for N420AB.
  • [04:25z] - Unnecessary traffic direction on clearance for N420AB
  • [04:27z] - Exit runway instruction for Aeroenlaces 9273 was too soon.
  • [04:29z] - Unnecessary traffic direction on clearance for CC-NPR
  • [04:30z] - Duplicate clearance for CC-NPR.
  • [04:32z] - Unnecessary traffic direction on clearance for N420AB
  • [04:33z] - Wrong sequence on clearance for IFMTY034. (#3 instead of #2).
  • [04:37z] - Great G/A call for CC-NPR and subsequent cancel T/O clearance for EP-HRB.
  • [04:40z] - Unnecessary clearance to land after full stop report for CC-NPR.
  • [04:40z] - Unnecessary traffic direction on clearance for EP-HRB.
  • [04:42z] - Unnecessary clearance to land after full stop report for N420AB.
  • [04:43z] - Very late exit runway instruction for CC-NPR. (20 knots)


  • Although CC-NPR was on your airspace, he just took off from a nearby airport. Avoid on-guarding an aircraft when it’s not critical for your controlling.

  • Altitude transition should be calculated adding 2,500ft to the airport elevation and then rounding up to the nearest 500ft. 1,500ft is considered for the maximum pattern altitude + 1,000 for minimum IFR separation with aircraft on transition. In this case, your transition altitude would have been 2,500ft.

  • Once CC-NPR entered the pattern, you did good sequencing N420AB, but you forgot about Aeroenlaces 9273 that was on right base for the same runway. The correct sequence with CC-NPR entering the pattern would be CC-NPR as number 1, Aeroenlaces 9273 as number 2 and N420AB as number 3.

  • As for sequencing and clearance timing, we try to be as proactive as possible with this two instructions. Sequence can be given as soon as they turn crosswind, and clearances should be sent before the aircraft passes the runway threshold altitude (on downwind).

  • Traffic direction on clearances should be given for runway changes or inbounds only. If an aircraft is going to get cleared for the same runway they took-off or performed the touch and go, there’s no need to send the traffic direction as it has been instructed before (on take-off or option clearance).

  • As a rule of thumb, runway exits should be issued between 70-60 knots for jets and 40-30 knots for propellers. (Ground Speed)

  • You can be sure of which aircrafts are cleared by the green color of their tag. Use this to avoid a double-clearance.

  • Since CC-NPR had already landed, only N420AB was the only aircraft in front of IFMTY034. Therefore, the correct sequence on clearance for IFMTY034 was number 2 instead of number 3.

  • Amazing call for a G/A for possible separation conflict and sub-sequent “Cancel Take-off Clearance” to avoid conflicts on upwind. Brilliant move.

  • Whenever an aircraft is cleared for the option, and then reports “Full Stop” you are expected to respond with “Roger”. There’s no clearance for an additional clearance since “Cleared for the option” also allows an aircraft to land. Take the “full stop” report, as a courtesy to advice the pilot intention to stop on the runway.

Solid Points:
Sequencing skills.
Runway changes.
Go-around call.

Very nice first session. Your sequencing was on point today, as well as the ATC basics; it shows you have studied a lot from the ATC manual. Just a few corrections listed above to increase your proactivity, but overall, great airspace awareness and pattern control.

Let me know if you have any doubts, I’ll be happy to help.


Thank you for coming! I appreciate it

Feedback Reply

Thank you! I’m glad to know I did good in my first session

Ok, I had always been confused about that. I knew that Cleared for the option allowed aircraft to perform a full stop, but wasn’t sure. Thanks again!

Is that appropriate to send sequence and clearance in crosswind or we should wait until DW leg to send clearance?

I usually wait until they start they turn to crosswind to send a sequence, just in case they would like to request departure or runway change on upwind.

In general terms for sequence and clearance, the earlier you send instructions, better understanding for the pilot along with an organized pattern.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of these. I really appreciate it.

Feedback reply

Thanks, I had always had problems with that. Even after reading the ATC manual I hadn’t understood, so that’s why I didn’t perform well in that.

Ok thanks, didn’t know that.

Also a thing I’ve just learnt, thanks.

Ok, Roger is enough

Thanks, I’m glad I could perform well in the very first one. Thanks again for coming and for the very complete feedback. I hope you understand I couldn’t reply to every point as it’s kinda late where I live, but have for sure I will change what I have to.


No problem, I hope to see you on IFATC soon.
Best of luck!

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Just opened at MDPC! Come to the Dominican Republic and have some fun at Punta Cana!

Just opened at MMUN! Come to my beautiful country Mexico and have some fun at Cancun!

Wanted to tell that I never cleared Ukraine International to enter runway 12L, he’s just doing whatever he wants

Feedback from N17EE

[22:44:38Z] - Perfect transition altitude

[22:46:37Z] - Good pattern entry


[22:57:07Z]** - When Scooter 4 came in make sure to resequence EI-IFJ , it could of been so that Scooter was first , EI-IFJ was second , and I ( N17EE) was third.

[22:59:13Z] - Remember to give me an sequence aswell , sequence then clearance , also I wasn’t #3 anymore since EI-IFJ was gone .

[23:05:59Z] - Good pattern entry and sequence onto 12R

[23:08:59Z] - Good go around call

[23:10:02Z] - I assume you extended his crosswind because of where I was at but also take an look at the altitudes aswell and you would see since I was departing to the south which we shouldn’t conflict since that was the case.

Not sure what he was doing either .

Ending Remarks

Overall I think the most work that can be done is the sequencing. At the beginning you could of fitted in Scooter 4 so that no extend upwind was needed , and resequenced EI-IFJ to follow him .

Thanks have an nice rest of your day !

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Thanks for coming and for the feedback!

I’ll rewatch the replay and practice more on sequencing to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Thanks again and have a nice day too!

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Scooter-4 Feedback.

  1. Correct transition,
  2. Seeing as Scooter was in front of IFJ, you had the chance to sequence them to follow Scoot, which you didn’t take. That resulted in an unnecessary extend downwind, and no true sequence before clearance.
  3. Runway change was handled correctly.
  4. I suppose the extend upwind to let N17EE out was a safety measure. Although, he was already twice my height from separation already, therefore this was unnescessary,
  5. Overall, sequences, pattern entries, and clearances were alright with me. However, the clearance of the option for my full stop was okay, though clearance to land would’ve been preferred. You should also try and speed up that process of sequencing just a bit faster, for the sake of time management.
    Do ping me for future sessions!
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First of all, thanks for taking the time to come!

Ok, sorry, my intention was to make IFJ land first, but yeah, after making that I realized it would’ve been easier if I didn’t make that.

Will work on that

I will, thanks again!

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Just opened at MMMX! Come to my beautiful country Mexico and have some fun at Mexico City!