infiniteflight_schoo's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @LOWW

I want to improve my ATC skills, so please join me at LOWW. You should use runway 11. Pattern work is allowed and welcome.
Training Server
Thanks in advice for flying!

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Coming F836SP

Sorry for the troll

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Ok so a few things here…

First I will start with to go check out all the ATC tutorial videos. They have alot of useful information.

  • When asked for a rwy change instead of unable you should have given me a pattern entry and then clearance since there was no other traffic.
  • When I requested departure before to give an immediate Freq. Change since I was leaving your airspace.
  • Transition was on point! Good job!
  • When I requested inbound you should have given me a pattern entry first then followed with cleared for the option. This must be done for all inbounds except when approach is active and someone is cleared ILS approach. Also dont forget to include left/right traffic after the option for each rwy change or inbound for t&g.

With some practice you will get there and hopefully become part of IFATC. Good luck and best regards!


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Thank you for the advice!

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I am coming, J-AKUB

Are you still there open?

Yes. I have seen you.

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Ok a couple things

  1. Never gave me or anyone clearance, when you did give clearance it was after I did 2-3 touch and goes
  2. Never gave anyone sequencing
  3. Missed an obvious go around situation
  4. No need to say enter _____ base when I’m already in the pattern
  5. You need to give a pattern entry before clearance during a RWY change also when giving a clearance you should tell the aircraft what traffic to make in one of 2 situations option 1 during a RWY change and option 2 when you want the aircraft to make a different traffic pattern
  6. When J-AKUB switched to RWY 34 you never gave him sequence or pattern entry nor when you had him cut in front of me you never gave me a sequence on who to follow just an “extend downwind”
  7. Missed Exit RWY instructions when there are a total of 4 aircraft on your combined frequencies it should not be terribly hard to issue exit instruction

There is a-lot you need to work on I recommend watching the Youtube tutorial videos as well as visiting the #tutorials section, this will greatly improve your controlling (hopefully). I look forward to flying in your airspace again in the future ideally with the above listed comments improved upon.

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I’m really sorry, i’m not very experienced when more than one aircraft is making patterns. I also normally respond only to requests for a clearence. One time some pepole got really angry for too much support. I will work on it.

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Thank you for your ATC services. Make sure to check all ATC tutorials on Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel.

Ground controlling was okay. Then I liked that you use line up and wait commands, that is really useful especially at busy airports.

For pattern work, right after takeoff you need to sequence, then clear for the option. No pattern entry. You need to issue new sequence and clearance after every touch and go.

If I request runway change in the pattern, you give me pattern entry, then sequence and then clear for the option.

There were a lot of situations when we were very close to each other and you did nothing. You should instruct some of us to go around.

So my advice is to watch all ATC tutorials on YouTube, write down the important things on a paper and you can use the paper while controlling next time.


No problem, we are here to get people better and we all have to start somewhere. I recommend starting with the Youtube tutorials.

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Thank you for the advice! At the times where there were nearly crashes i tried to keep an eye on the speed of the planes. Sorry for the one time where i have forgotten to clear you for takeoff.

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Thank you at everyone who joined! I will watch the tutorials and will try to improve.


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