Infiniteflight_schoo's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @HUEN

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. I am currently open at HUEN. Departing runways are 30 and 35. Pattern work is appreaticed!
I don’t have two devices so i won’t be able to view this thread while controlling. Please leave some feedback after flying.
Thank you!

General information about HUEN:

Yep! written in English. I will come down now :)

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Hi! First of all good luck on your journey to become an IFATC controller! I was N915AG!

Second of all hereby I give you my feedback on your tower performance, eventhough it was short


When I requested transition at PISA you gave me 3,500ft. Which is for that airport high, 2,500ft would have been sufficient!

Inbound for touch and go (patternwork and traffic)
When I was overhead of the airport I requested inbound for T/G. You first said to me descent to pattern altitude (which was correct, since I was 3,5k feet), however, I did not receive any patternwork. That’s why I reported my position again! You directly cleared me for the option, but did not receive a pattern instruction (if I am correct!). This is goes too for Scandinavian 254, you directly cleared the pilot as number 2 behind me. Same goes when I requested runway change.

Always remember this
Patternwork -> Sequence -> clearing (and if you have aircrafts in the pattern then you just skip the 1st step (patternwork) and start with sequencing (if that is applicable at that time)

(But he just entered your frequency , it would have been better to ask for him intention so the pilot could say that I wanted to inbound on RWY 4R and not 4L)

As for traffic, you said to me to go right. But RWY 4R was active, so if an other aircraft would depart from that runway I would 100% have a collision with that aircraft. so for the next time please send me to left traffic. (L -> left traffic, R -> right traffic)

Also never forget to use the command: “Exit RWY”!

Here a video on how to perfect ATC (by Tyler)

Thanks for controlling!! 👽👽

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Thank you for your feedback! I was so stupid to make a runway change while you were flying in a pattern. (that is how this happend: [quote=“Emanuyh, post:3, topic:373502”]
As for traffic, you said to me to go right. But RWY 4R was active, so if an other aircraft would depart from that runway I would 100% have a collision with that aircraft. so for the next time please send me to left traffic.
I tried to figure out a way how to give you a flyable pattern but i ended up mixing up all the runways.

Thank you for joining!

No problem, I hope my feedback was useful! See you next time

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Now active at LROP. Please read the information in the topic. Thank you!

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And please do not use heavys

Currently active at CYXY! Pattern work appreaticed, please use runway 32L and 32R. Thank you!

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Hi, good work at CYXY. Runway changes nicely handled and good back taxi instruction so I could exit the runway earlier.

Some feedback:

  • I noticed that when I requested takeoff remaining in the pattern, you didn’t give a make left/right traffic instruction. You should do this so the pilots know what direction to turn after takeoff

  • There’s no need to include a make left/right traffic instruction everytime you clear someone for the option if the pilot keeps flying the same pattern

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Thank you for the feedback and for showing up!

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Currently active at KRND.

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Now active at HUEN. See the thread for more information.
Thank you!

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Well, no. It’s best for everyone if you control which direction they’re going to be turning, as this will help you coordinate pattern work along with inbound traffic and whatever else you’re overseeing. There are some aspects of ATC where it’s pilot discretion, but this is not one of them. Always give a traffic direction when clearing them for takeoff so that they know where to fly.

Example: was at a training session earlier where the controller cleared me for takeoff without a left/right command. This was at an airport with intersecting runways, and a decent amount of traffic. I made left traffic since that was the direction a previous pilot had been instructed to turn, but it might’ve ended very badly if I decided to hang a right.

Always be sure to give a direction on that first clearance, or you could find yourself to be in heaps of trouble later on.

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In theory, yes. However, the manual doesn’t allow us to omit the direction, and I’m fairly sure it’s not like that IRL, either.

On top of everything else, the pilot would be very confused as to which direction they should go. Best just to stick to the manual and give them a direction. :)

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