infiniteflight_17’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey folks as I prepare for IFATC I felt it was necessary to make a tracking thread for extra feedback and support on top of my current training with my trainer. I’m very serious in joining IFATC and want to perfect my atc understanding to ensure that I have quality services to my fellow pilots. With that being said, I try to control as much as possible to get better every session. Your feedback and support will benefit me to be the best controller I can be. I can’t wait to start my career for IFATC and having you help me reach my goal!

Happy controlling and flying, your future IFATC controller Asher ;)


Alright let’s kick this off with the first opening of this thread!

Now open Tower & Ground @ KSSC
Pattern work allowed.

Good luck to you ! I would come but sadly my phones on 1% battery- sad times, will next time though !

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I’ll stop over , probably I’ll do a straight out departure if that’s ok just a take off since it’s late , I’m American 8055 see you there !! 👍🏽

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Thanks for letting me stop by , everything was awesome great job, have a great day !! 👍🏽😊👋🏽

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Alright closed up for the night. Thanks for joining!

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Hey folks! It’s time that time again!
Now open at KLSV tower & ground!

Alright that’s a wrap.
KLSV is closed

Hey everyone. Gonna open for a bit! I’d love to see some of you show up.
Now open @ KRND tower/ground

Pattern work is allowed departing and arriving on runways 14R & 14L.
Current from being uploaded is 110@7KT

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Roger, I’ll stop by!

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Sounds good! 🙌🏻

Sorry y’all gotta close a little before I wanted to. I’ll most likely go back online in a few hours. :)
KRND tower/ground closed

Now Open @ KFFZ Tower/ground

Let me come down

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Sorry I did request pushback then had to go.

Haha all good

So, you were very good very professional. You knew where all the controlles were. For a test to see if you were watching the field, I taxied yhrew grass. You gave me the warning which was great. Welldone and I hope one day you make IFATC.

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Thank you for the feedback! Hope to see you show up again!

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KFFZ Closed tower/ground

Open @ PAED tower/ground
Warning: winds are 170@19G26KT please select aircraft accordingly.