Infiniteaviation06's ATC Tracking Thread- [CLOSED] @N/A

Welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread!
I am learning ATC to become IFATC at some point so come and fly some patterns or fly in, fly out or help me practise transitions.

When: 2020-05-13T19:22:00Z
Where: N/A
Sever: Training

ATC sessions done

04/04/20 KSMF

Open now until 1820Z!

Hey Ill come stop by for a bit. Callsign N46MB

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Hi im heading now with my warthog

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Hi, I was SLEEPY and here is my feedback!

  • Transition was better at 3000 instead of my 4000
  • Best forward and slowest practical not needed in the first situation
  • Pattern entry is always needed for a runway change
  • @BinaryChess didnt need a make right traffic for his second pattern as he was already told right traffic on his first pattern, same mistake for me too
  • You should always sequence people before clearance
  • Never give a 360 on final or on base
  • Runway exit was not issued to me

If you have any questions you can ask me :)


Hey, let me a second to write feedback :)


Hey thanks for controlling today!
I think Raidon touched on alot of the same subjects I was going to comment on, but I have one more thing to add.
The last sequencing you gave me could have came sooner so I knew who to follow before it was too late. sequencing early (even if you don’t clear at that moment) will always help traffic flow. If it needs to be re-sequenced later that can be done.
Hope that helped.


haha i like to type feedback while flying

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  1. Yes thank you im still a bit confused on how to give the correct height
  2. Understood thank you just a bit precaurious on spacings
  3. please explain abit more please
  4. I will look at my replay there to see where i went wrong
  5. does this mean tell them who to follow before clearing them for the option
  6. Thank you. I’ll note that down.
  7. Sorry didn’t realise you had to do that. Will do from now on!

Well anyway Thanks for coming!

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Thank your for your feedback and more importantly for coming! I will try and work on this next time!

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So for 3, you need to give a pattern entry when someone asks for a runway change. An example is when someone asks for runway change you need to give for an example “enter right downwind runway xx”

and for 5 yeah, you have to tell them who they are following first

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thanks and do you need to reclear them for the option after?

yes, so you should sequence them first then clear them for the option. a clearance is always required

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Howdy all!

I was B-INARY on an A318, thanks for the controlling!

Anyways, let’s get to business, my feedback:

17:54:53z= Transition was approved at 3000ft which is not bad, but I would have chosen 2500ft as the airport elevation is minimum (27ft)

17:56/17:57z= The speed commands to SLEEPY and I were unnecessary: When we fly VFR, the separation is the pilot responsibility not controllers one. Obviously, if we are in an imminent crash, you could warm us but that was not the case.

17:57:59z= See 1§

17:59:44z= A bit late the clearance to SLEEPY

18:01:48= See @Raidon23 post, when runway change as if it were inbound, pattern entry, sequence and then clear

18:06z= remember to sequence before clearing

18:08:52z= See 5§

18:17:25z= See 5§, in this case, the pattern entry would be ‘enter straight in runway xx’ as I were already on final.

18:22z and more= There were no exit commands, although you gave it to me

Nothing more here.
Many of them are small mistakes, you will be correcting it over the time, we are all learners

Hope this helps
Good day all!


Thank you very much for your feedback. Hope to see you in the future.

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No problem, always willing to help!

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Well done. Waiting to see you in expert server. Hope you Liked the flyby ;)

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Thank you! However it will be a short while till i meet the requirements for IFATC

I’m open at KSMF and am open to feedback!

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I’m on my way

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