Infinite779x's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KTEB

Hello IFC! This will be the tracking thread for my ATC Ops. I currently have 185 Ops, needing 475 more to apply for IFATC. Feel free to stop by when I am open. All feedback is welcome and appreciated :D

Display Name: IFC - Infinite779x

Status: Open from June 5, 2020 10:27 PM→11:47 August 11, 2020 PM

Server: Training Server

Airport: Tebrabo KTEB

Frequencies: Ground and Tower


Hey! I can’t stop by today, but what time zone are you referring to? I would recommend setting the time to Zulu time as it’s the universal time zone of Infinite Flight.

New York time if that makes sense idk if it does

If you click the little calendar icon on the top of the text box you can set the time to your time zone and it will automatically change it to other people’s time zones when they see it.

I am open any time lol Eastern Daylight Time

I’ll stop by when I’m done controlling!

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Ok sounds cool!!!

Before I leave my feedback, may I ask why no pattern work?

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Hello Infinite779x!
Welcome to the ATC community!

I was M-01, inbound from KLDJ to KEWR for pattern work.

Unfortunately my feedback list is quite long, but after practising for some time, you’ll be fine!

Please review the ATC manual over here.

Here’s my feedback for you:
(in chronological order)

  1. As I called for a transition, you cleared me for transition at 2500ft, which is perfect for KEWR. However, your reply to me came quite late.

  2. N862DB was issued an “adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead”, which is unnecessary, as there were no aircraft near them.

  3. As I called inbound, I was also issued an “adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead”, but there was no aircraft ahead of me anywhere?

  4. My pattern work was rejected, but why was it rejected? VFR conditions were satisfied and it was not busy.

  5. I was correctly cleared to land on runway 11, against a headwind, but my number was wrong. Either me or the other aircraft, N862DB should be number 2, but you cleared both of us for number 1.

  6. There was no pattern entry or sequence for me before my clearance, or any other aircraft, for that matter.

  7. You cleared two aircraft for landing on opposite directions, which is a gigantic no no.

  8. All aircraft you cleared for takeoff were issued “immediate takeoff”, which was unnecessary. They all had plenty of time and there was no need to rush them.

  9. After I landed, I was not issued a “runway exit” command.

  10. You told KLM 520 to contact tower when they were taxiing to the runway, which was not needed. Aircraft will contact tower when they are ready, as stated in the command itself.

  11. All aircraft you cleared for takeoff were told to line up and wait, which is unnecessary. Aircraft can be directly cleared for takeoff, unless there’s a separation issue or for other reasons due to conflict.

  12. KLM 520’s transition was way too high, at FL240. Your airspace at KEWR extends to 5017ft MSL, where FL240 is many times higher than. A good transition will be either 2500ft MSL or 3000ft MSL.

  13. You rejected @ToasterStroodie’s pattern work, like me :(

  14. @ToasterStroodie was not issued a pattern entry when he was inbound, only a clearance.

  15. @ToasterStroodie’s clearance was wrong, as you cleared him “for the option”, when you rejected his touch and go. It should have been “cleared to land” instead.

After that, I took a little break and tried to taxi again for pattern work, but you kept sending “taxi to parking”, which only meant that you were rejecting my pattern work again?

You need to master the basics of:
a) Pattern entry;
b) Sequence (if needed); and
c) Clearance

Everything I mentioned above is a combination of some minor and some very serious things, but with practice, you’ll be good to go! I didn’t list out all of them, there are a couple more.

Everyone starts off clueless and not knowing anything, so it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and get better. After all, that’s what the training server is for :)

Sorry guys I am a still a Beginner


I am trying to get used to the System

Mark has said everything I’ve had to say for the most part. Here’s a few more things.

  • No exit runway command was given to me.
  • It took a while for you to acknowledge my frequency change request to ground.
  • Mark had to request taxi and wait quite a bit.

As he said above, I’d strongly recommend you review the IFATC Manual linked above by Mark. Focus on Sections 2 and 3 for now. They’re the most useful and relevant parts pertaining to you. Feel free to PM if you have any questions!

Don’t worry about it!
We’re all learners in a world of learning, and it’s good that you’re taking this opportunity to learn :)

Do let us know if you need any help or have any questions, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Generally everything you need to know for ATC is in the ATC manual I linked above.

It’s hard cause I tried to send two Aircraft’s to runway 11 at KEWR and non of them listened

That’s the training server for you. I’d recommend you open smaller airports, so that the pilots there are ones that see this thread and want to help out!


Some did but the rest didn’t

Thanks for the Support Guys and thanks for helping me I will have to take a look later on

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Why do some pilots don’t listen when they send them to a specific runway

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Simply because they don’t want to. In Expert Server you’ll never see that happen.


I might add something to feature