Infinite Tracker problems

Every time I go into infinite flight tracker it doesn’t want to load the flights right.

I’m not sure what website this is, but if you’d like a reliable flight tracker, this is a popular one. Hopefully that helps!

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That tracker is old and getting outdated, so it may not work as well. I would take a look at either the link posted above or this one:


Check out our FR24-like tracker (Android app provided):

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You may want to try contacting @ValXp on this. He is the developer of the app.

map flight is my go to flight tracker if you need one with an app! it is pretty damn accurate from my side

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Try any of the other great trackers! They all use the same data so they should all be accurate.

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I did a whole answer from the PM, but I will also make another one here (big copy-paste):

The reason why all the icons are ugly like that is because they are stored on my server… however I broke my server a few weeks ago, and I haven’t been able to make the replacement work yet. I am still working on it, but I have to do that on my free time, and I haven’t had much of that lately :)

I will get to it eventually and the icons will work again.

The thing though, is that once that’s done, I won’t be able to update the app again after that, there are copyright issues with the code that this app is using, and I would need to re-write the whole app from scratch to avoid getting into legal trouble :(

And because I am an evil person and I switched from android to iOS, I don’t have much motivation for writing an android app that I can’t use on my phone :)

I recommend to switch to another flight tracker, I only know of live flight, but I’ve heard that there are many great alternatives!


I went ahead and unpublished the app. I can’t update it anymore and it’s just falling apart, so better pull the band-aid quick and be done with it :(


Very unfortunate to hear :/

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