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I would like to know after howlong do my stats reset for i havent been on IF for the past 3months

May you screenshot your stats?


Can you please be more specific? Are you talking about all your stats in general, or specific stats such as your landing count or violation count etc?

Sorry i ddnt specify just that i weren’t on IF for the past months so i just wanted to know …i meant violations and landings xp etc thank you.


Your stats don’t “reset” - your total XP, flight time etc. remain the same, as long as you haven’t changed your account. If you have any violations, they will stay on your account, unless it’s been 365 days since they were issued.

What does change is your landing count over the previous 90 days. Since you said that you haven’t flown for three months, that number is likely to be close to zero. That will affect your grade, and you might probably find yourself at Grade 1 rather than Grade 2 or 3. But that’s okay - just do a bunch of landings on the Casual Server and you can get your grade up again!

Thank you that answered everything i needed…

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