Infinite still crashing on final

It doesn’t matter if you have a expensive device the game will crash on final, I have the new ipad

air 3 with 3 GB of RAM and A12 Bionic and the sim still crashing on final, after 10 hours of flight, I’m tired of this I bought this ipad specially for infinite flight and this still happening. Now I don’t want to fly anymore.


Well my suggestion would be during cruise turn your settings all the way down. No point in having everything at max settings for a whole flight… Only jumping the gun like that, because someone in a VA i am in had the same issue until they turned down their settings on a 12 hour flight.



Suggest clearing your RAM before flights.

  • Turn limit frame rate Off
  • Close all background apps

  1. Lower the Rendering Resolution setting.
  2. Disable Anti-Aliasing.
  3. Lower the Rendering Quality setting.
  4. Lower the Texture Quality setting.

And to add to what is above, turn down airplane count at busy airports in Live settings.

Not really, my ipad mini 5 i have it set to high all the time, even after a 15 hour flight, no matter how busy, but i keep my settings on low once i get above 10,000ft and 20,000ft on my approach:)

you try to put all in low graphics?

Sure, but but busy airspaces can definitely cause crashes due to the load caused by the graphic demand and calculations in order to display other moving objects. I’ve experienced this myself - it’s especially bad at Heathrow.

One thing I do with my ipad is, turn down the screen brightness and make sure you have battery save mode on

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