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One little thing I spotted, the grades are wrong (or still from the old grade table). No big deal though, but as I am now 5 since 20.1… 😉

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That would be a problem with the API, I believe being up to Cameron (IF developer) to fix.


Yep that’s a known issue with the Live API. The grade system programmed there is still the 19.4 Grade System. As some changes were introduced with 20.1 it has yet to be updated.

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Ok, understood. Noticed today other trackers have the same information.
Thanks and keep up the great job!

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I’m not a developer, just a friendo of these friends :)

Is a great tracker though with actively devoted staff


Hi there, sad not to be able to use the altitude curve anymore. Are you planning to carry-on developing this website? Used to connect for my daily flights, but the bit I really enjoyed was that.
Many thanks!


This tracking app is quite detail!!! Nice work 👍


I am super sorry for the issues you are experiencing, the IF API v1 is being deprecated, but I haven’t had the time to switch yet. Soon, the whole site will likely stop “working”.

I am the only developer and I am also a student, so I haven’t had time to switch to the new API yet. I will do my best to update it if I have the time, but it might be a bit. It’ll likely be updated progressively, so functionality will slowly be restored/updated.

I may end up fully rewriting the code though, since there are parts of it that feel too “prototype-y”, which makes it hard to maintain. If I decide to go with that plan, it may be a few months before I have enough time.

It will definitely be worth it in the end though, after a rewrite I’d have a lot more flexibility in terms of adding functionality


Thanks for responding and giving us all hope to have a new website when time permits. Get your studies first! This is the most important thing, IF being the very next of course.
Best of luck!

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RIP its just not loading, even after multiple refreshes

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the applications is shutted down thats why

Oh RIP then…

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however there many alternatives for u can using for this. there is liveflight app, mapflight, IF Track RU and many more

Project not found😱

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It is disheartening that we could not keep it given the widely positive feedback and support but schooling, COVID (even though it sorta sparked my idea), and life got the better of us so we were not able to continue to keep updating and supporting it. Maybe one day we will revive the project, however, for now it is off the back burner for us as far as I am aware.

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Yeah, I started my PPL training (soloed recently) and began working on a much bigger web development project so this one sort of left my mind. Sometime in the future though I’m definitely open to reviving it, it was a fun project.


@Hymenopus_Coronatus @Qantas094 Have you thought about releasing the code base as open source on Github and see if anyone in the community wants to pick it up and move it forward?