Infinite_Qantas’s ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @N/a

Hey fellas, I want to become part of IFATC. So you can always come by for some patterns if you’d like.

airport: N/a
status: closed

If you have any feedback, be sure to tell me so I can improve for the next time😊


@Infinite_Qantas thanks mate :)

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Do you have any feedback on what could be improved?

@Infinite_Qantas actually its fine. I was alone so its pretty much easy, right. But you did a good job and so do I 😁

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Hey everyone I’m open for patterns at TNCC :)

Guess I’ll be closing…

Hey all, I’m opening TNCC (again)
If you have any feedback, please notify me so I can improve :)

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Guess I’m open again at EHSE this time. (My home airport)
Its a real GA airport, so perfect for patterns.
Hope to see you there :)

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Count me in me in for tomorrow (if you’re going to do one then). Planning on joining IFATC too!

Changing to LEBL, as that airport has a bit more runways and a ground frequency :)

I’m open at EHSE again if you want to stop by and do some patterns

Hey y’all, I’m open at Brussels airport (EBBR) for some patterns or if you wanna stop by :)

Closed, thanks for everyone who joined

Hey y’all, I’m open at KMCO i appreciate it when you stop by

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