Infinite_Pro's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

ATC Tracking Thread {KDCA}\ Ronald Reagan Airport. 3:30 Pacific Time October 24-29 Inspired By @Declan_O

Want to join? Just spawn in 5-10 minutes before I open I will be controlling Ground And Tower.
Server: Training. A message to the pilots : please follow instructions!

NOTAM: Biggest Aircraft allowed 757-200 Or for Airbus the Airbus A321.

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You should rename it to: @Infinite_Pro’s ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED
Like how @TaipeiGuru did it before you changed it

K thanks for the suggestion

@Infinite_Pro I changed it to the correct format for you :-)

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Thanks I am new to ATC tracking Threads.

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Great to see that you have took my feedback on board and created a tracking thread. I’ve set this to watching so I’ll try and attend when you are open and provide you with feedback.

Ok Thanks ! and Thanks for attending

What do you mean by that?

im sorry my bad there are 757-200s in Infinite flight I am just stupid

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