Infinite_Pro's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A (Passed My Written!)

Are you still open? If not please update the thread so it doesn’t cause confusion :)

Everyone Im Open At OMAA

@mkwiecek you good? That A10 loos a bit loose on the pilot side lol.

Yup, I’m fine. Once I’m done, will you want feedback via PM or down here in the thread?

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PM please.

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Hey! I came along briefly whilst you were open just to test you on some of the fundamentals.
I have a few points of feedback which I hope can help:

  • You gave me a transition altitude of 4,000ft. This is a bit high - remember to get your transition altitude you add 1,500ft (pattern altitude) and then add 1,000ft for separation. So in this case, since OMAA has an elevation of 85ft you would do 85 + 1,500 + 1,000 = 2,585ft. With transition altitudes you need to round up to the nearest 500ft, so you’d round up to 3,000ft in this case just to be safe.
  • On my runway change you cleared me for the option straight away. With runway changes you treat an aircraft the same way you’d treat any normal inbound aircraft. Pattern entry, sequence (if necessary), and then clearance - once you get this stuck in your head it’s pretty hard to forget!

You did a good job though. I can see you know what you are doing since you were correctly instructing other inbound aircraft and dealt with my first pattern correctly. If you haven’t already, I would suggest the amazing IFATC Training Team to further your practical abilities and prepare you for your practical test. Hope this helps!

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I did that transition because of heavy traffic inbound and since Other people have recommended a bit higher then usual transition when there are traffic inbound. Thanks for the advice.

You still open?



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RIP that was a RIP on the landing…m

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Haha, I was turning too quickly on that base

When I requested frequency I wasn’t trying to test you that was just me being stupid and misclicking

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Thanks guys for attending! Sorry about the end I made a mistake because I misclicked.

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  • Good job on that trick I played by requesting frequency change from ground to tower
  • After changing to runway 32R, you did good job on pattern entry and sequence, but you cleared me too late and you were supposed to say make right traffic or left traffic, because I changed runways. Anytime you call inbound for landing or change runways, you give them “cleared for the option, make left/right traffic” (you corrected this later on, good job!)
  • I think the clearances are a bit too early. Clearances should be given late crosswind, early downwind.
  • After TAU requested change to runway 32L on right downwind, you told him to enter straight in instead of enter right downwind 32L
  • Transition should have been 3000 instead of 3500. 499 airport elevation + 2500 = 2999, round up to 3000.
  • When I said on left base, full stop, you should’ve said roger, instead of already cleared to land, because I am just notifying you that I am full stopping instead of choosing the other two options. So this is okay if you say roger. If you had cleared me to land instead of clearing me for the option, then If I said that I am on full stop, then the “already cleared to land” command would work.
  • Very late exit command. Exit command usually under 70kts, especially (60-70kts).

All in all, good work. You have some basics to work on. But I like your willingness to learn! Keep it up and good luck on your journey to IFATC! :)

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No I didn’t because the TBM-930 was on final and I was ready for you to go around.

Here is it. I made a simple math mistake there.

In Tylers Tutorials he says never wait.

I was multitasking sorry bout that I was keeping that in mind.

These factors are a result of me multitasking. I know I can do way better than I did here.

Thanks For The Advice :)
-Dylan S

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So just a few things for my first pattern you didn’t say ‘you’ll call my base’ but you still told me to ‘turn base’. For the runway change you told me to do a ‘straight in’ but you should have told me to ‘enter right base 32L’. Otherwise good job.

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@Dantheflyingman It is completely okay to say turn base if you want you to turn at a certain point. The rest is above.

Open at LGSK spawn at a near airport and come inbound and do touch and goes and then fly runway heading and contact approach Thanks!

Closed everyone!