Infinite pro half yearly and yearly subscription

For android based earlier it used to give three options while renewing.
Half yearly

Now it shows only monthly which is not fair. Even if many people are subscribing for one month( as per infinite flight), there should be half yearly and yearly subscription option while renewing.

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This is intentional. You can only purchase the monthly subscription now compared to the half yearly or yearly subscription.

Why there cannot be two more options as it was there earlier?

And what do you mean by intentional, you should take feedback from users whether its required or not.

Cameron (who is an Infinite Flight staff member) stated that this was to simplify the subscription model as the 1 month option was the most popular between users. Cameron also stated that having multiple subscription options requires more maintenance then having the one option.

If you are currently subscribed to the 6 month or 1 year subscription through your respective app store and you have auto-renew enabled you will be able to renew on your current subscription plan.

I am not subscribed to half yearly or yearly. I used to have it before.

And as u said that it requires more maintenance it indicates towards the cost part…

Infinite flight could have taken a feedback earlier before making this changing and rather going on stats what you have.

And ofcourse with one month u will get more bucks which is good for infinite flight but not for users

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