Infinite pro cost

So IF pro cost $5 for a month, $50 for 6 months and $80 for a year. I wonder whether I have to pay for this monthly or pay for the whole cost when I purchase it. Could anyone?

If you pay for the one year, for example, you just pay the thing on the spot.

For any of them, you pay each time it renews.


The description is demonstrating the ratio of what you are paying monthly if you buy in a bulk. The year subscription is charged every year, the 6 month subscription every 6 months, and the 1 month subscription will be charged every month. You will not be forced to pay every month when purchasing a year subscription.

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Here in Australia it is $14.99/m and the purpose of the 1,6,12 month is for people to save money basically. Here it is as follows if you paid 14.99 a month compared to the actual prices

14.99/month [14.99/m | Actual Price]
1 month: 14.99 | 14.99
6 months: 89.94 | 73.99
12 months: 179.88 | 117.99

This means for the 6 month subscription you save $15.95 and for the 12 month subscription you save $61.89

If we break this down and compare the savings for each month that would be $2.65/m for the 6 month sub and $5.15/m for the 12 month sub.

The 12 month offers MUCH better value however the 1 month is perfect for people like myself who really only play for 1 month or so a year.

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