Infinite pilots

The infinite pilot app I’ve got it but the recording device dose not work any help for this please thanks

Hey! What is your device?

The recording feature doesn’t work on older devices my friend! Wish it could!

[quote=“lollip, post:90, topic:21421”]
Apple’s api doesn’t allow this feature to run on old/1st gen devices because it’s too resource intensive to run the app and record the screen at the same time.
[/quote]That is the words from the developer of the app itself! :)

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Or if it isn’t an Android.

Well, that’s kind of a given, since the app isn’t available on Android :)

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Missread, I thought he couldn´t record with IF.

It’s an I pad retna not that old Mabie 2years

With the retna display sorry

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I’m thanks for that …bummer wish they had put up the devices it dose not work on before I got it .was one of the main resons I got it .oh well that will be that then no videos from me 😓💩

Guys, I think it needs a bit of clarification.

The only feature which doesn’t work on older devices is the record feature (this is mentioned in my original post) - this is because replay kit (Apple’s recording API) doesn’t work on older devices.

All other features work well.


Ps: also worth noting that Apple is working on improving this API (to use less resources) and I’m hopeful it will eventually work even for 1st gen devices (I know this is a bummer…)

I somehow doubt that will happen… It’s yet another reason to buy a > 400$ device from them!

Recorder don’t work! It’s called “True in Advertising”… I,d discuss it with Apple Customer Care if that detail was not pointed out in the App Store App description!! Ya gotta read the fine print. Caveat Emptor!