Infinite Pilots is Outdated

Ever since the server name change, Infinite Pilots can’t tell who’s online because it still has the Free Flight, Playground and Advanced names in the system. I don’t know who owns IF Pilots, but it needs an update!

Example: It shows that less than 15 pilots are on right now on the Advanced server.


When there are actually…


@lollip check this out

That’s odd I am shure it’s just a bug and will be changed

Hi, thanks for the heads up - this is because FDS changed the server names. I’ll look into it when I’m back from holidays.


Ok - so I managed to find a computer and update the app. It’s being pushed to Apple’s servers as we speak, and I hope for it to be approved in the next 7 days. Just be patient and you should expect Infinite Pilots to behave properly with the new server names, now :)


Good to hear! Thanks for updating!😄

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