Infinite pilots app?

Does it work I have it and I don’t think so…


@lollip pushed an update for it. Things should be fixed then.

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Dont think much people use it and the map does not load

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Is it for ios

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Infinite Pilots works great for me! Use it all the time when i fly.

Yes, it is. It is ONLY for iOS

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What device? Give me specifics.

Errr what do you mean? More than a thousand people use it. It works perfectly well. I have just pushed an update for it to deal with the new server names.

Do you have it installed ? I suspect not. If yes and you have an issue, please pm me with a bug report and I’ll fix it.

Can you please be specific about the issue?
If you are referring to notifications, I am aware of the issue (this is due to the new server names) and a fix is already pushed - just waiting for Apple to approve.

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Is it out for android too? I really want to use it.

No just iOS I’m afraid… I’m sorry!

Works for me

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