Infinite Pax

I had music & announcement during boarding/taxi. When I landed, it didn’t record. Used WiFi the whole time. Screen shot attached. Thoughts?

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that’s strange…
Did it play while you were descending?
make sure u have updated the latest version of IFpax

Come to think of it, no.

then it must lost the connection between IF and IFpax while u were cruising…

Where you wearing headphones sometimes if the headphone jack comes out by an accident it can sometimes cause it too stop recording ?

I don’t use headphones, at all.

I wonder how/why the connection dropped.

reinstall the IFpax again, if u already did it then contact to IFpax developer

Try hard restarting your device, if that doesnt work then reinstall IF Pax. If that still doesnt work then raise a ticket here for the solution to be solved faster.

Did you exit Infinite Flight at all during flight? Sometimes I’ve noticed this lost the connection for me.

Are you saying your flight did not record in the log? If so, just wait as it can take a little bit for it to show up?