Infinite PAX loses connection after long flights (Plz Read Description)

So I was doing a long flight from Tokyo Narita to Dallas Fort-Worth. I connect with IF PAX on the ground and everything was fine during taxi and takeoff, the recording played and the V1 rotate was also said. After I climbed to cruise altitude, I went to sleep. I woke up and landed in time. Now once you’ve landed and you’re at around 20-30 knots, a notification will pop up saying turn off engines to complete the flight or something like that. Well that never appeared, the music didn’t play and when I turned off the engines, no notification appeared saying that I finished the flight ever appeared. I went to the PAX app and it was still saying that I’m “in-flight” even though I landed. I had to cancel that flight so I basically wasted 11 and a half hour. Before you say it I reported this problem to the PAX website already and I got no response, I’m not sure if I’m suppose to get one or not. I would appreciate it if someone can tell me why this happened and a possible solution to this.
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How was your internet connection during the flight?

It was all good, never turn off WiFi during the night so yeah. And btw I forgot to mention, this happened more than once. The first time I just thought it might be the internet or I did something wrong so I watched out for anything out of the ordinary after the first (problem) flight and the same thing happened again

I don’t think saying ‘Plz read description’ will help… This is known I believe, basically the device shuts down apps that are using RAM. I’m no expert, so if I’m wrong feel free to correct me.

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Oh thx but if it shut down the app then how could I be able to go in and it still says “in-Flight”

I don’t know but I have an idea, but it’s more than likely wrong so wait for an expert to help.

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I have had this issue as well

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What’s your idea? I’d like to hear it. Did you say it already?

So basically the two apps aren’t connected, but the app thinks it is. Sounds stupid but that is my opinion.

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Well, using 2 apps at the same time for 11 hours… USES UP A LOT OF RAM stored in your device.It drains your battery and can potentially overheat your device. I think in this case, your PAX probably froze from either overheat, crashing from RAM, or simply couldn’t register your 11 hour flight. Since this is a known issue and as @jdag2004 said, im no expert, I would try to fly shorter routes so the app has time to use up a certain amount of memory and ram without glitching

Well if it wasn’t connected then first PAX wouldn’t say connected and there would be no recording or any of the stuff at the beginning

Do you know how much RAM an iPad Pro 10.5 have? I can’t find it on apples website

It’s either 2GB or 4GB.


Nvm, I found it. It’s 4GB if anyone wants to know

I’ve found that if I have any notification come through during the flight, IF pauses and I think that’s what causes my issues with Infinite Pax. By the way, I just finished a 6 hours flight with Infinite Pax and evidently it stopped running at some point during the flight. Bummer. I’m also on an iPad Pro 10.5.

Did anyone ever resolve this issue?? Because it is killing me!!! It’s not even long flights, short flights are crashing too. I’ve cleared my ram, restarted my device, closed all other apps. I mean it’s so frustrating I want to delete the app. But I love using it, but it won’t work!! Someone help! I’ve also sent problems through their website, still not resolved. I guess I’ll wrote a bad review on the App Store next.

No problems over here. I use it on an iPad Pro.

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