Infinite PAX crash

Yesterday I updated Infinite PAX and it crashes when I select the airplane from another company (not mine).

By chance happened to you too?

Let me know.

Moved to #thirdparty , please use this for any IF companion apps :)

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Suggest updating it today as an update has just come out - might fix your problem it’s been working fine for me. Also a tip form the devs after every update is to restart your device to implement the changes - that seems to work almost every time and fixes any issues

Ya the same is happing to me I selcet an airline and it crashes right away im ios 11 iphone 7

I do not know why it is happening, must be a bug with the new update because right after I downloaded it, Infinite PAX failed to work. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, along with turning my IOS 11 device off then back on.

Updated right now but the problem it’s still here, and it crash only if I select an airplane from another company!! I also restarted my iPad but nothing changes…

Grrrrrr 😂

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