Infinite Pax and How You Fly.

How does everyone use the infinite pax app? Do you guys play on expert? Easy? What planes do you prefers? Do you prefer to fly with a route vs without? What are some suggestions you might have for newer users to the app like myself?

I’ve started on expert. I am currently using a few boing planes, mainly used models with 10K plus hours. Is there an advantage to using newer vs older? I’ve noticed a lot of airlines have incomes of 9 digits easily, are these people playing on easy?

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For more Info about Infinite Passengers, Here is a link. You can play any server. For me, i buy Short Haul Aircraft first before purchasing Long Haul Aircraft. Im using more pax aircraft and long flights. I hope it will help


I figured this topic could be more in-depth I guess. Idk.

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