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I downloaded “Infinite Passengers” and I created my own cargo airline “Kahului Freight” when creating my own route I came upon this question “Weekly Frequency” and I was wondering if someone can clarify

Hi there!

Infinite Flight doesn’t operate IF Pax, so this belongs in #thirdparty! :)

To answer your question: The weekly frequency is how often per week this route is flown.

@N319CL - You should take a look at the following topic:

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Changed! Thanks 😊

Just asked a simple question regarding a technical term, not really a bug/feature topic for the app.

Once again, the weekly frequency is the x amount of times this route will be flown, I have no idea what it’s useful for in app, however.

Anything, from support to a feature request should be guided towards the Infinite Passengers developer and their community or support centre.

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Thanks everybody I got it know

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