Infinite Passengers

Please note that due to a seeming lack of support and responsiveness from the developer(s), we have closed the thread for the third-party app, Infinite Passengers v5.0. Infinite Flight does reserve the right to support or not support any third party app using our developer APIs. We encourage developers if they are using our community forum to advertise for their app that they please provide a reliable way for users to obtain support.

We currently know of a few ways to contact Infinite Passengers:
Their support desk:
Community Forum (new):
DM The Developer: @Luqman_Hussain

We ask that you do not start a new topic for this app. Thank you!


The developers of Infinite Passengers are urging customers to now use their new community forum for support. Please visit the URL below if you require assistance with this app. Again please note that Infinite Flight has no affiliation with Infinite Passengers.