Infinite Passengers

I downloaded Infinite passengers and I am trying to make an airline fleet but all the airline names are taken. Is there a huge deal on airline names when it comes to looking ar rankings and stuff? It feels weird to fly a united plane but have a different airline name. As well I don’t see any benefits in just playing the free mode. Does anybody know the full functions of it? I don’t want to create a airline just yet, I had only tried it for a few minutes and deleted the app on lunch. I’m going to retry it when I get back home.


I guess the intention of the airline mode is just to give you a sense of being a pilot for an airline, like a career mode. Even if ‘United’ is taken, then just create a random airline name such as your name, or just mash your keyboard like this sdfusdguidggduigui8218ywqf. You can then just pretend that you are flying with United or any other airline :)


Or you could try regional airlines


Do it like this “UNlTED”
The i is an small L. Have a Good One!


What really sucks is that when someone takes the name you wanted, you can’t get that name. They won’t close it.

The purpose of Infinite Passengers is to simulate having passengers on your plane. Thus, you loose money the less satisfied the passengers are. If you fly too fast, turn at a rediculous angle, takeoff too rapidly, land too hard, it all effects your income. At the end of your flight once you shut down your engines and set the parking brake, you go back into the IF PAX app and it will give you a debreief and rating (0/100) of your flight, telling you your wrong sand your rights.

Its simply a passenger simulator. You also get your choice of matching boarding music.


Where so you download infinite passengers from?

Appstore or play store depending in the platform you are using

I also have problems with the connection to IF. After arrival at final airport the passengers app still states „It seems that you were not landed yet.“

You have to turn your engines off at a gate for it to recognize that you have finished your flight

Thanks for the hint.
Let me try again

I understand the concept now. It’s just like FSpassengers for FSX. Very similar. My airline is Top Airliners and plan to have paid pilots fly for it later on just for fun. I’ll probaly host events and also give out rewards like flight sim products. It’s great to see everybody and even the younger people so involved in this game and just the hobby and love of planes in general!

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