Infinite Passengers v5.0 out now


I have just a small request, I don’t know if it’s been covered yet, but please inform me if it has, also redirect me if I’m in the wrong place.
I’m an Android user. I’ll say that first. I own the paid version of IFPAX. Its an awesome api with amazing potential and I love it.
Just a small request.
In the Cargo Mode, the planes are very limited. Can you please add the Boeing 757-200F and the Cessna C208 Caravan please🙏🏿
I would gladly pay for these additions and thank you for all your hard work.


Am I allowed to get a refund from the app? From my perspective the current developer should have created a new app if he wanted a new business model and not changing the policies. You’re being unloyal to your customers who have put quite a sum of money into your app.


So the update came out for android but I don’t see where to enable emergencies. It also looks like there is no monthly subscription as I can go straight to a flight.


The Android update came with the GPWS sounds only. Nothing else that I saw. I think those other features are IOS exclusive.


When you choose a pax and click start emergency’s pop up. Remember, These emergency’s might affect you Grade if you fly on Expert or Training.


Wheres the emergencys on android


There are no emergencies on Android. Also, after the update to Android. The Cargo Mode no longer works. It’s not getting better. 😒


Can IFPax run more than 6-7 hours now?


To users who wish to purchase Infinite Passengers:

This is written in the point of view of a previous customer. Although unpopular, I believe many share my sentiment.

Plese consider twice before shelling money into the app. While we understand the costs we bear are for making the app better and sustainable, the track record of the developer has made it difficult for users to maintain the view that the developer is legitimate.

Luqman_Hussain has been relatively inactive on the forum. As reference, developer of other third party apps, epaga, is mostly online and ready to answer queries, multiple times a day. In contrast, this developer rarely comes online for a service that he charges. There have been complaints on the old thread that his support requests take very long to respond.

There also has been an dissatisfaction towards the developer’s decision to change from an IAP based app to a subscription based app. For a third party app, having to pay for subscription is beyond questionable. It can be argued that his previous IAPs were cheaper and consequently unsustainable. However, buying every IAP in IFPax would have cost more than buying every IAP in IFAssistant, which is arguably more useful for the user demographic of IF.

On top of this, many old users are unhappy about the returns they are getting from their old purchases, having forced into the new subscription model. For reference, people who have bought planes as IAPs in IF (base app) got to keep their planes regardless of whether they continued to subscribe. However, we are only offered “months of use” per purchase, of which afterwards we get to keep none of our previous purchases.

In light of what has been said, please consider if you wish to invest in the app. I will not force anyone to not spend money on the app, but it will be useful for potential users to have access to this information, mostly found in the old thread that has been swept under the carpet.

Please PM me if you deem information here inaccurate. This has been my 2 cents.


I am saying the same thing I already paid fort he app so why now I have to purchase again after I had everything I wanted makes no sense to me I need my money back


I have to agree 100% on this. All my sounds purchased before are gone and I am not about to look for receipts.
It is unfortunate but I am deciding to no longer keep this app.


As promised version 5.0 of Infinite Passengers is now available on the Google Play store for Android users. Please update your app. If you have completed the subscription form, then please remove existing app and reinstall fresh from the store then login to Airline Mode.


You dont need to look for receipts. A simple screenshot of the sounds selection screen is plenty. The important bit is to complete the “number of sound packs” field on this form correctly.


Help me understand what this new subscription is for…
Why am I paying a monthly subscription for something I already paid for. This seems greedy. I purchased the Airline Mode with ALL the packs unlocked. So why am I now being asked to pay a subscription? For what? Are you telling me that I CANNOT use this API unless I pay again for something I already paid for?


You wont… As mentioned quite a few times if you purchased sound packs you be given equivalent (or more) worth of months of subscription. Just complete this form then remove app and re-login and it will be fine.


As for the reason why… by going to subscription model it allows us to constantly improve the app by adding more features; having dedicated support and it also removes a lot of bugs that the In app purchases were creating. because we had so many 50+ it was killing the services checking/download the sound packs. Unfortunately it was getting to the point where it was not sustainable. It was a hard decision and but hopefully in the long run everyone will see it was the right one.


That form doesn’t seem to apply to me. As I previously said, I purchased the “Pro” Version of IFPAX quite a while ago. There were two versions on the play store. A “free” one and one that had to be purchased. All sound packs were unlocked. And the Cargo Mode also had a fee, which I also paid. I would love to be “reimbursed” if possible😑


Hi, Before this update was released on Android I had a purchased Airline Mode,and now its telling me to purchase.what to do?

I have the same problem as @Playr_Mar

I want my sound packs back.


@Luqman_Hussain we still need some sound packs for some airlines which is still missing

  1. Air Tahiti Nui
  2. Aerolineas Argentinas


I bought the app. But 1.Pos.rate + gear up it tell only while touch down. 2. I put the planned flight time, but in the end it wright ‘‘No shedule time’’