Infinite Passengers v5.0 out now


No, it’s not. It’s part of updating their business model. If they had the records, they wouldn’t be asking. In the end, this will make it much easier in the future


Eh, they/we paid for a one time product as advertised but now you send receipts and get “credit” for a time then subscription to keep? He asked for the last thread to be closed after not responding so now here is a new thread minus the valid customer concerns that have been pushed aside cause he is doing it anyway.


Things changed, and for the better. I don’t have a problem helping him out, he’s a small games developer who’s giving you something no one else has. It’s not a big deal


The Thomas cook sound pack is Thomson. Why?


The first of several goodie bags for those of you on the subscription packs… We have added the following sound packs: Alaska, Asiana, Austrian, Brussels, Eurowings, Jordanian, Maroc and SilkAir.

(Special thanks to @Alex_Hancock)

Android users: Rest assured we are hard at working getting the app ready for Play store. Should be available around mid next week.

If you have any issues at all with new app/subscriptions, first try to remove and reinstall app. Failing that please create a ticket at

Thank you.


I’ve been waiting for this for so long! Can’t wait to fly Alaska again! :D


Yaaaa. No. An agreement is an agreement.


Is there aready a android app


Oh yea, because phone companies dont change their phone plans, right?


And that’s EXACTLY the point. We had a one time purchase, paid for an item advertised as a one time purchase to own. This scheme would be like buying an Iphone and then a year later, Apple says you need to pay a monthly fee to keep the phone. No, you own the phone. Now, in the last thread this was all pretty well spelled out by his customers but he had it closed without responding to the concerns just like he is not responding to anything here other than to push his app…


If you already purchased them, you can exchange them for the subscription, like he said


For a couple months credit then you get the monthly fee for the item you purchased advertised as a one time thing.


Again, changing business models, happens all the time


Not outside terms of service, you cannot charge “rent” someone for an item they bought and own advertised as a one time purchase. It’s wrong, he knows it but not going to change your mind so no point in going further with this. Customers can go to the app store and resolve it there


All I have from yesterday evening is this message « Subscription required ». I already have a 20 free months subscription, and I can’t restore it… I click on « restore » but nothing happens. So I can’t use the airline mode right now…


Have the same issue I uninstalled and reinstalled still the same problem may have to make a ticket


Yup, I lost my access I ALREADY PAID FOR when this first came out as a single purchase. All the planes, pilots, revenue etc gone. This is far beyond the sound packets we were going to lose under his new model. I don’t think IF should allow him to advertise this on the forum


Have the same problem.


I really enjoy these packs! It would be cool if you had some packs made for the CRJ where you can hear the flight attendant in the cabin!


Would be great if you could add the finnair sound pack.