Infinite Passengers v5.0 out now


It actually turns off all the engines


Please explain why you cant access them or even better please create a ticket.


@Luqman_Hussain it’s an amazing update!


We’ve identified the cause for why airline mode has been crashing for certain users. Unfortunately this will require a hot fix update. Uploaded to app store but most likely will take Apple until Monday to approve. Sorry about this.


Anyone experiencing issues with Airline Mode crashes, please remove the app and reinstall. It will be ok now.


Thats correct. Also in IF_PAX theres a info/warning message recommending flying in SOLO as it could affect your online rating.


Can u send me my promo code? I want to play the game but i cant because i need a subscription.


@Luqman_Hussain, how do I turn off the boarding music? I turned down the volume really low but it still plays

I do free play @SpeedPlayz


Its in free play too.


I gotcha brotha. ^


This is what I see


Well Idk then

Might change with me too because im still on 4.8.0 not 5.0 and no updates are available.


Mine looks like this but when I hit start I get a second screen to select the emergencies but I like the look of the screen shot above.


Looks awsome




I have just upgraded the app

When choosing “Hop” as Air Line there is no sound whatsoever… Any idea why?


Is android update out yet im thinking about purchasing


This whole “upload your screenshots of receipts” is infuriating. I paid for sound packs, which should just be on record. I’ve gone through and found receipts for all of them but they need to be uploaded as one file? I do not know how to do that and that’s asking a lot for a customer who has already paid money.

This needs to be made easier since you have decided to change your pricing model.


Agreed. Its a shame we cant just get this information from apple then we could just do this automatically. Ideally we’d like a zip file or receipts or screenshot of the sounds selection screen in the app. but if you complete the form with the info you have, we tend to accept it on good faith anyway.