Infinite Passengers v5.0 out now


The only reason I use this app is for air Nz sounds and I can’t access them after update. Other sounds I bought are not available either.


Hi, With the new emergency update; At the time of an emergency while flying on a server with nearby ATC, how do I notify the ATC that I have an emergency? … will the option be on the frequency?.. I would not like to get a ghost for not following instructions due to emergencies and that the instruments do not respond, while I use IPAX with a paid subscription. That’s why I ask and be cautious.


Just don’t use emergencies anywhere near atc


I still have not gotten my free promo code yet? I’ve sent all of the sound packs I have purchased to you.


Great update once again…freakin nothing works…can’t even log in or reset password…good job👍👎👎👎👎🤬😡


Hahaha yeah right!!!


Nice! I will definitely be using IF PAX more now!


You still need to fix the app… when i press airline mode it crashes everytime…


There will be crashes related to the fact that the update has just released. This was a common occurence when Global was first released due to the sheer amount of people trying to use it at once.


Its in the place where you pick your desire airlime to fly.


Your app is amazing! I’m waiting for it to be released in Android


Hey, as an IFATC, emergencies are not supported yet. So, if you don’t follow instructions. You will be ghosted, no matter if you have an emergency or not. Emergencies are recommended to be performed on casual or solo. For there to be an option to say that there’s an emergency, the IF devs need to create this. Not the IFPAX devs.


Please read the text next to the emergency button:

We recommend you fly in single player mode in Infinite Flight as this could negativy affect you multiplayer rating’ (Grade Table)


Why can not I use all the sound packages I bought?
Every time I want to login, the application is closed. 😡


Hello @Luqman_Hussain, Amazing Update. I really like the new pax and the idea of emergency things, and I do understand that you want a monthly subscription to keep things running,


When I click ‘Airline’ or ‘Cargo’ mode it keeps crashing. Are you aware of this issue?


Can’t wait to test it out in Android 😃


All sound packs are now available I guess based on my purchases before automatically giving me sub for a while?


if selecting “random” will you get a different emergency than what is listed to the side?


@NationofAviation: This issue has been brought up already.


Awesome! But what exactly is this whole “emergency” thing? Will it actually affect IF itself or just the Passengers app?
For example, what will happen if “all engines fail”? Will it turn off your engines in IF, or will it only decrease the passenger satisfaction rating, etc?