Infinite Passengers v5.0 out now


New features:

Emergencies functionality now available
- When emergency occurs the app will vibrate 3 times and show notification once

Everyone I would like to reiterate that emergencies should only be used casual/solo servers to avoid violations and/or ghostings

Added 747-8F to cargo mode

Separate block time and flight time in reports (applies to new flights only)

Inside Notifications/Approvals screen you must now approve/reject flights for your airline by other pilots, before they affect your stats. Flights saved by yourself will automatically be approved.

Switched to subscription based model to provide standardized pricing across Android and iOS
- This will also fix the issues some users are having when downloading sound packs as all sound packs will be included as part of the subscription. No more paying for individual packs or features. - Cargo mode will be included in this. Pricing:

Added callouts option (Aircraft specific sounds - Airbus & Boeing for now):

Added additional sound packs:

  • Mexicana
  • Adria
  • HOP!
  • Nordica
  • Middle Eastern Airlines (MEA)
  • Lion Air
  • Copa
  • TAAG
  • Thomas Cook

New user profile screen (when you tap on your username in the plane selection screen)

Please note there may be some teething issues as the beta testing was more limited than I’d like. If you have any issues please create a support ticket on and we’ll try to fix within 24 hours

Also as mentioned before if you’ve purchased sound packs already you can exchange the purchases for subscriptions using this form: - if you’re not sure where your receipts are you should be able to view purchase history in the Store section of Itunes or at

Thank you all… Happy flying!

Since when this asking for subscription?

Very nice :) Great to see that it has updated!


Great!!! Might have to purchase this to replace IF assistant.


Both apps work really well together.

I use both when flying.


I’d love to get this…however, I have heard a lot about bugs and mediocre support.


Thank You it works pretty good I appreciate the update


It’s very buggy yeah, never had to use support, I have a strong dislike for the subscription but I guess he will do what he wants. I paid for the app and then he changed that, so I have to pay again for what I already paid for. Every month or whatever. If your looking for sounds theirs better out there.


No you dont have to pay again… As mentioned at bottom of original post please complete to exchange purchased sounds for subscription


But, I didn’t purchase sound packs, I want my airlines and stuff.


What if you don’t have the receipts for the soundpacks but you did purchase them?


Just upload screenshot to the form


Screenshot of the form itself?

Also, why do you now have to pay a subscription to get the sound packs?


I was just using the old version right as this thread was announced. Great to see your still updating the app


It reminds me of what happens to Flightradar24. I’m not a fan of the subscription on this nor FlightRadar24.


You can view all purchases ever made at
You should be able to get screenshots from there. ofcourse just crop off anything thats not relevant.


Thank you for your support


At least FR24 is free, then you can justify it. This however, you really can’t.


Free play is still available for free. However as mentioned previously sometimes we dont have much choice. Funding is required to run the service properly. We can now afford to have full time support person, full time dev for more features.


Yeah, but you already charge for that app. I can’t use the airline feature I paid for, I don’t want soundpacks. That’s useless to me. I bought this for the airline features. But I can’t use that now because you charged for what I bought already.

Edit: eh I don’t really use this app as much anyways.


Another question:

How do you turn off the boarding music? I connect IF PAX to my IF app and turned the volume for the boarding music all the way down to low but it still plays.