Infinite Passengers Sound Pack subscription problem

I am have a subscription for the sound packs but its saying “Purchase required”, does anyone else have a problem with this?

My subscription is still good. But for some reason every time i pick an airline its not letting me

Hi, this goes in #thirdparty :)

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ok thank you

I’m not an expert with infinite flight passengers, but what I know is that there should be a restore purchases button. Do you see it anywhere?

All details are here:


So are they deleting the app or just closing it?

@Kevin_James there is a support link and community website link.

It is not closed but it just separated from Infinite Flight Community. Infinite Passengers has their own community.

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developers of Infinite Passengers are urging customers to now use their new community forum for support. Please visit the URL below if you require assistance with this app. Again please note that Infinite Flight has no affiliation with Infinite Passengers.

Thanks 😉

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