Infinite passengers solo engine on/off?

I got infinite passengers and i wanna see the results of my flight but for some reason it tells me that i have to turn off my engines then go back to the app. I dont see a button to turn off the engines. When i go back to the app it still said “return here after landing and switching off engines for a flight report.” Um idk what to do next

All the aircrafts have engine on/off. Some times it is required to scroll down a bit on the systems page to see it.

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Go down until you see ENG 1 (and ENG 2) and touch the buttons. Those are the engines. After you touch the buttons, the engines of the aircraft well shut down.
Then you will go back into Infinite PAX and select VEIW REPORT. Then you are done! You have completed your flight! I hope this helps you! Sorry for the poor drawings. Have a great day!

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Um actually I don’t have live I only have solo does this only work with live

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Unfortunately Yes. Infinite PAX only works with live at this time

Ok sucks for me then

If you can, I would purchase live. It is so worth every bit of it. Multiplayer, live ATC, fly anywhere, any aircraft. How could you go wrong!

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IK I just wish that I could actually log in to my account and buy it but sadly there is a weird problem that won’t let me sign in

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Please explain a little more. Maybe I can help

Take that last part to PM guys, let me know if you need me :)