Infinite Passengers problem.

I recently bought IP for IF, as im back to IF. There is one problem im having with it.

When i click on free play in IP, select the airline and flight time, then start, and open IF.

I can hear the Music, but whenever i press fly now the music stops, and when IF is loaded in, Infinite Passengers has crashed.

Any help is appreceated :)

Oh and by the way, i have the setting in the options turned on to allow third party software (i dont remember what its called)

@Luqman_Hussain might be able to help you. 😉

What device do you have?

Hello, i have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530FZ!

Thanks for your answer!
The reason is probably the amount of RAM you have (1GB). Android itself uses a lot and you are playing IF. IF uses a lot of RAM too. You are basically using all the RAM you have while running IF.

Thanks for helping. I guess it makes sense, that IF uses alot of ram.

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