Infinite Passengers not recognizing arrival airports

Need some assistance here. Just got into using Infinite Pax for fun and even made my own VA within the app with an extensive route structure. But when I tried to fly my first leg, I got the message, “airport does not match destination”. My first run was KIND KCMH. It definitely matched the route I had programmed into my schedule on Infinite Pax. Tried another test run between KIND KTYQ. Happened again.

I’m running KCMH KPIT as we speak and am expecting similar results. Is this a bug that exists in app? Trying to find a solution but it seems I’m the only one here with the issue. Looked at other folks on the website flight board and it seems they have no issue logging flights between airports, but my two past legs show as “unknown-unknown”.

Thanks for any help you have!

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I would suggest taking a look at this topic:

From what I can tell, the website has been replaced with a discord server where you would likely be able to receive support.

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That app is not good it loses connection and developers won’t update or fix it even though i talked to them on discord about it!!

I just use free mode and never have problems.

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Same, I really wished the other ones worked better though.

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