Infinite Passengers - Major release

I’ve bought it not bad for £5

You’ll be waiting a for a long while.


I really love the app but for some reason the part where you can edit the sounds for the announcements. it seems like it to small for my device. any hints to fix it. it just cuts the half of the window

Im going to try the app out. I hope it’s 👌

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V-Speed callouts…hmmm…thought we were trying to keep the apps as distinct as possible? 😓 If you recall, the Passenger Announcements was a feature I had already planned before Infinite Passengers came out.

Why not keep it so it makes sense to just get both apps - one (IP) focused on fleet / passenger management / pilot career etc., and then one (IF-A) on callouts and sounds? Obviously not asking to remove features you’ve added, just saying I’m a bit puzzled. @Luqman_Hussain


Have to agree, the app started out as more of a companion for VAs now but with there new features it’s slowly starting to look like IF assistant.

Not to worry, they don’t have Skyhawk heavy giving them the call outs!


Because not everyone has iOS. And it Also seems like there won’t be a android version of IF assistant. Or soon


how do i get v1 speeds to work???

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Partly because IP is on android meaning we can use it and want it to have the features from IF-A that we crave

I disagree with this. Just because his app may take away some business from your app, doesn’t mean you should make him down grade his app. If he wants his app to have what your app has, but more than let him. You don’t have to try to take away from his success. You may not be saying," Remove this feature", but when you say," Obviously not asking to remove features you’ve added", you’re indirectly telling him to do just that… :(


Ive been having issues with my end flight report and not logging my flights im flying correct aircraft even adjusting the weight and balance to # of PAX all goes well from beggining at taxi and departure to approach after i land i go back to I/P and says only pax enjoying music to taxi and only get an 80 rating and aswell nothing gets logged resulting in 0 income im using both on same device android any tips be most apprecieated

And to add im on Wi-Fi

Don’t overthink or analyze this - no, I am NOT asking him to remove features (otherwise I would have). I am expressing disappointment the features were added when our communication had been otherwise. I am asking whether we can keep trying to keep the apps as distinct as possible from now on (like we had originally said). That is all. Infinite Passengers is a great app.

So that I don’t end up hijacking this whole thread with new posts, I’ll respond to @Uriel here - yes, obviously I’m talking community sense, not legal. There is no copyright on the idea of voice callouts. It’s about whether this community is helped or hurt by multiple competing apps doing the same things.


You are kinda right. For Android users, there’s nothing to be different from. I mean, that would be the only way for us to have those features. I really don’t know how are the legal stuff in the Google Play Store, but if he (IP) brings that first, I don’t think that would have any rights infringement.
P.s. I’m guessing @epaga is discussing more in the friendly (community) way, I just brought up the legal questions thinking about future releases.

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Even if you guys did make some agreement, if he want’s to move forward with his app, he can!

P.S. I wasn’t “Overanalyzing”. That is common sense that a kindergartener would know!

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What’s the schedule flight journey part for and how does it work?

The “schedule flight journey” is an estimation of how long you think the flight will take. Currently there is a 7 minute buffer in either direction so that way you can be a few minutes early or late when your flight is completed. In order to get a maximum score, you must put in the estimated flight time.

Okay So say your flight is 1 hour. Your format would be 60 cause 60 min is equivalent to 1 hour And so on

I just updated the app and now I don’t have any connection issues. However, I finished a flight just now and I did not get “flight attendants prepare for landing”, and no v speed callouts.

This is with free play option, I don’t know if that makes any difference.



Totally agree with you. I don’t even know which app to choose!