Infinite Passengers does not list all aircraft anymore

Since a while now , it appears that Infinite Passengers does not show all aircraft anymore

I love to fly Embraer 190 with KLM Cityhopper livery but last I can select is E175. Deleting and reinstalling app is not solving the issue

I’m pretty sure support has stopped for it and that’s why.

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This has to be in #thirdparty category, not in developer if I’m correct.

Scroll down

I cannot scroll down further

On iPhone I can only select thirdparty and developer in combination. Sorry

Zoom in and push arrow.

Kim doesn’t have any Cessna 208’s or citations either. Got to be a different issue.

Now that I’m thinking more. That app is a little slow
Give it a minute or 2 to load also

Contact @Luqman_Hussain, the creator of IF PAX.

Support hasnt stopped. The CRJ update gote added. Its just takes a week or two. But mine definitely lists every aircraft except for the TBM

What do you mean be support stopped for it?

That’s sad… wanted more airlines

I lost the MD-11. I can create routes for it, but cannot select it from the home screen. It sucks they lost support for it because it adds a career mode aspect to IF.

please dont spread misinformation. all our updates are at

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ive not noticed this can you please create ticket at and share screenshot and is it android or ios?

Sorry for that, I assumed because their hasn’t been an update in a bit

No problem. Im only one guy. (well I was … Ive got dedicated support person now who is getting up to speed).

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It’s not misinformation. You do not reply to questions and problems here or through your own app

This thread should be closed as well per Jason’s annoucement.