Infinite Passengers Bug

I am currently using IF Assistant and Infinite Passengers and whenever I end a flight, it stays on the flight report screen with no back arrow… I tried restarting my device, restarting the app, re-installing, force stopping the app and clearing cache but nothing seemed to work… I use an S10+

On the play store, it stated that, that very same bug was fixed but apparently, it was not for some devices.

Anyone has the same problem or can offer any tips?

I contacted the creator on both IFC and Email and I’ve been awaiting a response for days now.

Infinite Flight doesn’t support Infinite Passengers anymore so I would recommend you try their website instead. Infinite Passengers has it’s own forum.

If you’re not receiving a response from them, you’ll just have to wait it out until that bug or whatever the issue is is resolved. But as @Chris_Wing linked for you, we no longer support Infinite Passengers due to the reasoning as outlined by Jason. Thanks for the understanding!