Infinite passenger

Hey , i pay it yesterday , but i cant use that app today . Any same problem for this app ?

Could you go into a bit more detail about your situation? There’s literally nothing we can do with what info you gave us. If it’s the app you bought yesterday, you may need to contact the support team of the developer of the app.

Hey! Usually we can’t provide support via. the IFC, but their community seems to be down at the moment. Shoot me a PM and I can try to help, or until it’s back up.

Was this “Verified by Play Protect”?

I try to contact the developer of the app , but no one answer my problem .

Yaaa , sure.

That looks like an issue with play store, but just in case have you restarted the app?

I re-install this app for third time , but still same . I go to this app community website but can open too

Take a read at this. It’s explains the lack of support for this app.


Thanks for your suggest , but i tried to contact the developer . 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Schyllberg seems fine with this as he only moved it and hasn’t closed it.

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Ok Starz :)

It’s one of those things @FOO_ANDREW if the developer isn’t willing to support his app and fix any bugs then there’s not a lot I can do. That thread above explains what the situation is with that app and the problems it has. I used it in the past but now I use IF Assistant :) Going back to your problem, I would normally restart the app and it would work. I would recommend finding a different app to use.

Can u leave the link IF assistant for me ? 😁😁

Please have a look at the topic that was linked above, thank you 🙂