Infinite Passenger Bug?

So when connect IP to IF music will start. Then the sound of pretty much everything is goes silent for about 2sec and then sound comes back . I get this again and again until whem I’m off the ground but does anyone now what is causing this?


What device are you using? Have you already tried restarting your device or reinstalling the app?

It’s a ipad and not yet.

Are you using any other app such as IF Assistant? I had this issue when using the two in combination. My solution was to always make sure I opened IF Pax before any other apps


Yooo me too.
But only specific soundtrack which is ANA sound, always stop playing for 2secs then continue…
I have wrote many times by email complaining the bug…
Pls note have reinstalled the app and IF app as well…

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Contact the Devloper directly by creating a support ticket on the online help desk linked below:

It goes silent for me for like a sec when I get a email/notification it might be that?

nope it will continuously stop playing for 2 secs every single times

this happens to me too. I first encountered it today in fact…

ANA sound? … or some of them as well?

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Others as well. I assume it is the original sounds and not the app itself…

Well my case, it was ok actually without any problem…
but somehow starts happening cutting the sound and make me so annoying

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Yes! I’m using both so I’ll do it your way next time!
Thanks for the help:)

Yah! You have the same problem but for me, it’s every airline:(

Yup It’s so annoying and ruins the realism:(

Your method worked!
It is running smoothly now:)
Thanks for the help!

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