Infinite Night from FIMP to KJFK

Flight Info

Dep at 1700Z
Arr at 0900z
Flight time 17h45
Callsign: N11WW Heavy
Aircraft: 777-3 (AA livery)
Expert Server

This Flight was set to current time the whole way. Hence why the it was night the whole Flight duration.
Tip the pictures are a bit better if you increase the brightness

^^ Back taxing and lining up with RWY 14 at FIMP

Second shot

Cruising at FL320 directly over FMCZ

Some 15h later first site of America

Final on RWY 31L at JFK

Touch down.

I took this shot because I of the airport layout looks like a cross.

Thanks for reading 😀


Beauty night flight!

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Great Pictures 🙌🏼

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Thank you so much