Infinite News | A Newly Designed Infinite Flight News Source

Hello Everyone,
Today I will be talking to you about the rise of a newly news source for Infinite Flight Users around the World. While making our news source we aim to give everyone the Number 1 Source for Real Time Live News 24/7 365 Days a Year!

About Us!
Infinite News is a new web source app for all Infinite Flight Users. With its simple and clean interface this website is easy to use for all users who maybe new or are frequent users to the IF Scene. In the Future we have plans to release our iOS App to the General Public.

Where can you find the IF News Website?
The New and Clean UI Website can be found at (
How to find out about Upcoming Updates?
To Find about key updates make sure to Follow us on Instagram at

Thank you for taking your time to read this Post, Every View to our Website makes the Development Process alot better! Thanks for the Head Dev @InfiniteNews


Wouldn’t that be Laura, Philippe or another Head Dev? lol

Im excited for this though! Best of luck!


Not saying this is bad, but what does this get me over the Discourse app with notifications on for the announcement catagory?


WOW, this has so much potential. It could be great for new users on IF, who don’t have forums account, or don’t check the forums. For example a see wants to download IF and searches “Infite Flight” on their App Store I don’t know what it’s called on Android, sorry. If many people download/rate the app, It would probably apear right next to the official app. And since it’s free The new user will most likely download it. The new user will now have the highlights from the forums, without actually having a forums account.

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Brilliant idea, huge potential. This is definitely something that will add to the IF experience, i can see myself day in day out using this as a way to keep track on the REAL news and not any fake threads on the forum, in which i don’t actually use often (only when i reference back the api). Anyway, i’m excited to see where this goes, can’t wait for a native app to be released and I’ve enjoyed being able to test the alpha! Will

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Thank you for your amazing comments

Who’s behind this? Assuming someone didn’t name you Infinite News ;)


It’s an amazing idea. I believe this has a lot of potential but I have a question:
Will there be an app for us Android users in the Future?

I like the idea! Can’t wait to see this project develop into something great. Also looking forward to the app release 😁

It looks like it is web sourced, so you could always go to the website, but then again at that point you might as well go to IFC…

I’m trying to understand this…

This app/website is going to post official news from FDS after they post it on their social media channels and here on IFC then regurgitate those posts word for word through the Infinite News app/website? So the target audience are IF pilots who don’t go to IFC and don’t follow any official FDS social media? Why not just follow FDS on any of their social media platforms for official news? I can’t imagine there is a huge audience that falls into this category? Seems a little…off to me…for lack of any other better words…

Just thinking out loud…


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I suppose the counter argument is, the app provides news immediately with zero scrolling or searching for respective pages on social media making it easier to find truthful information.

My fear is that you could post a message about the a350 and people will go crazy when in reality it has no merit.

Perhaps adding something stating that you are not affiliated with FDS would help?


You could adjust your news feed preference on Facebook for example, to ensure you see every official Infinite Flight post if that’s your social media preference.

Will your app have ads?

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I love the concept but I think I have one problem. It isn’t really a problem but I wanted to ask if this was going to be an app for android (Since I am an android user) and IOS or it is just going to be a website? Because I don’t mean to be rude or anything but if it is going to be a website id rather use IFC because they post everything in announcements haha.

I’m sure it most certainly will. I’m positive no one would really pay for it so unless the dev pays for everything out of pocket I can’t see it not having ads.

This is pretty cool! I’m a designer, just PM me for some examples!

Nice idea, whos behind this?

It’s a news aggregator, I follow many of those. Kind of like They consolidate the news into one place or feed, but I already feel as if Infinite Flight do an amazing job of consoldiating things and pushing out the news to all their followers on many mediums. Good luck mystery person! :)

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I just can’t imagine FDS being too thrilled about something being developed that encourages (what I imagine to be a very small percentage of IF users who don’t follow any official fds social media or here on IFC) that would have the potential to reduce the number of followers on their official platforms. I don’t see why a simple rss feed from the announcements section of IFC would be any different?

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