Infinite loop

I enter Infinite Flight, when I enter the airport to carry out a flight, the screen stays in the loading, infinite loop. When I go in to control airports in ATC mode, everything around me goes dark with the planes in miniatures. I already checked Wi-Fi network, I already configured DNS, VPN, cleared cache and nothing …, what to do? Galaxy S7 smartphone (Exynos version)


Have you tried resetting your device and the game?

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Also try clearing scenery

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He has already.


I prefer to find another solution, I’ve had other problems and I had to reinstall … however this takes time, I’ll leave this as a last option.

I already tried, it didn’t work

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I already tried

I know, I was pointing out to him it was already done.

I don’t think there’s much options after that, you might have to consider to reinstall.

How much free space do you have?
Are you using a VPN?

  • Log out of Infinite Flight
  • Reboot your device
  • Launch IF
  • Log into PRO again
  • Try an online flight.
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I have 3GB of free storage, I do not use VPN, but I already tried it and it did not work

Are you able to test it on cellular to see if it is WIFI? Have you tried another wifi network?

I’ve changed DNS several times, ping is great, on the 4.5G mobile Internet also did not work

Hmm I’m torn to think of a solution. is it fixed yet?

Since you have Samsung. You can try clear App Data from the Device Setting.

Go to device setting > app > Infinite Flight > Storage/Data > Clear Data.

Unfortunately I don’t think those tips will help Gabe and Love This Game. There is something going on with the internet services there in his homeland. There’s been a few topics for this lately.

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Maybe the bugs are from the device Did you update the system by phone Try updating your device I think it will WORK!!! 🌹

He says to me trying this didn’t solve the issue. I think this is a bug or is the problem with the internet.

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